The Amateur - Edward Klein

The Amateur

By Edward Klein

  • Release Date: 2012-05-14
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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It’s amateur hour at the White House. So says New York Times bestselling author Edward Klein in his new political exposé The Amateur. Tapping into the public’s growing sentiment that President Obama is in over his head, The Amateur argues that Obama’s toxic combination of incompetence and arrogance have run our nation and his presidency off the rails. “Obama was both completely inexperienced and ideologically far to the left of Americans when he entered the White House,” says Klein. “And he was so arrogant that he didn’t even know what he didn’t know.” Klein, who is known for getting the inside scoop on everyone from the Kennedys to the Clintons, reveals never-before-published details about the Obama administration’s political inner workings and about Barack and Michelle’s personal lives, including:

The inordinate influence Michelle wields over Barack and her feud with a high-profile celebrity
The real reason Rahm Emmanuel left the White House (it wasn’t for family reasons)
Why Valerie Jarrett’s role is closer to that of Rasputin than impartial senior advisor
Obama’s problems with American Jews
How Obama has purposefully forgotten and ignored those that put him in power, including the Kennedys, and the Jewish and African American communities in Chicago

From Obama’s conceited and detached demeanor, to his detrimental reliance on Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett’s advice, to the Obamas' extravagant and out-of-touch lifestyle, The Amateur reveals a president whose blatant ignorance and incompetence is sabotaging himself, his presidency, and America.

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User reviews about this book

  • A right wing look at Obama

    By R. Savage
    The book touches base with all the right wing fantasies about Obama and is good meat for folks who never liked this president from the beginning.
  • The facts revealed

    By FrancesKR
    This is very informative, but unfortunately leftists who read this will once again just dismiss all the facts as propaganda as they always do and blindly continue their lives supporting those who will ultimately destroy America. Great book though.
  • Oh brother

    By Eggjfz
    I have read biographies against obama and for him, but I have found tht there are two different nations, not views, one nation is stuck in 2004, while another is n 2012 the 2004 people are complaining about what a horrible job Clinton did, anyone remember the Clinton recession? I don't, while other people remember a bush recession or at least the events leading up to it. I am a liberal bit keep an open mind, but even though I continue to do so I realize the more open something is, the more crap gets in, and well this is crap. Nixon was not qualified to be n the White House, yet he slipped in there, I find that facts serve up more than opinions, unemployment has steadily decreased since o has been in office and he got stuff done even with mcKonnel going against him at all costs. I voted for Obama and I will vote for Hill in 2016
  • Excellent

    By realdieu
    An accurate depiction of a do-nothing career politician.

    By split head
    This book was pure opinion,no facts here just the same old rhetoric, but I guess Mr Klein is just trying to sell books.
  • Point by Point by Point (it's all in this book)

    By Fpiano
    Well organized, well written and easy for anyone to read. I strongly urge you to do so before you vote. The author sees a horrible disconnect between what Barack Obama says in public and what he is really promoting. His background and personality do not provide any sort of base for him to do his job. Many Americans have been deluded by their own desire to see something wonderful in a president who is basically a cypher.
  • The Amateur

    By LeoBurns
    It's too bad we can't make it "Required Reading" of all those who vote for POTUS.

    By Mepabh
    I don't read that many books but this kept my attention on every word. Proof of the words of this book came at the Presidential debate on 03 Oct 2012 by the arrogance of president Obama to even prepare himself for the debate and make a total fool of himself. We the people of the Unites States deserve better than that and will make that know in November. Thought the book was very enlightening and fantastic.
  • Retired Executive

    By Alpizz
    This book clearly outlines a person who should Never have been elected to the most powerful office in the world. It confirms what we saw in the first presidential debate on October 3, 2012. An amateur.
  • Good story

    By cyrscott
    Not sure enough people will read it but it is a good insight into he Presidents thinking

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