The Operators - Michael Hastings

The Operators

By Michael Hastings

  • Release Date: 2012-01-05
  • Genre: Public Administration
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The inspiration for the Netflix original movie War Machine, starring Brad Pitt, Tilda Swinton, and Ben Kingsley

From the author of The Last Magazine, a shocking behind-the-scenes portrait of our military commanders, their high-stake maneuvers, and the politcal firestorm that shook the United States.

In the shadow of the hunt for Bin Laden and the United States’ involvement in the Middle East, General Stanley McChrystal, the commanding general of international and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, was living large. His loyal staff liked to call him a “rock star.” During a spring 2010 trip, journalist Michael Hastings looked on as McChrystal and his staff let off steam, partying and openly bashing the Obama administration. When Hastings’s article appeared in Rolling Stone, it set off a political firestorm: McChrystal was unceremoniously fired.

In The Operators, Hastings picks up where his Rolling Stone coup ended. From patrol missions in the Afghan hinterlands to senior military advisors’ late-night bull sessions to hotel bars where spies and expensive hookers participate in nation-building, Hastings presents a shocking behind-the-scenes portrait of what he fears is an unwinnable war.  Written in prose that is at once eye-opening and other times uncannily conversational, readers of No Easy Day will take to Hastings’ unyielding first-hand account of the Afghan War and its cast of players.

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User reviews about this book

  • Man

    By D.C. Prime
    RIP Mikey
  • Koolaid in all flavors

    By DocBook
    A waste of time. No matter what your political orientation might be, this book has no credibility because it becomes clear, very early, that despite his Rolling Stone credentials, he is not the independent voice one would hope from even an average reporter. He does seem to show disdain for everyone but himself, which lends a certain unbiased quality, in that none of what he says is, in the end, believable. He so transparently admired the military entourage he was "reporting" on that it discounts even his critical comments about that entourage. Koolaid is Koolaid, no matter what the flavor, and the author drank it heavily, as an apparent military groupie. His relationship with his subject is that of an angry adolescent boy, who scorns his General father while yearning to earn his macho approval. The extent of his inclusion of his own story in this account speaks to its immature self-indulgence.
  • Awesome

    By Big Daddy Mas
    Normally a slower reader, I blazed through this in little over a week. An extremely engaging, entertaining, humorous and at the same time terrifying account of our involvement in Afghanistan. A poignant look at how ego, politics and false bravado lead us astray and diminished our focus and original intent. Politicians wars are never successful, when will we learn and start coming together as a country, electing real leaders and holding them accountable? This fascinating inside look by Mr. Hastings should jar us out of our stupor, we can only hope.
  • the Operators

    By Madame48
    I recognize way too much of this as repeats of the lies, the hubris, the paranoia and mistakes of Vietnam. The letters I got from all my family and friends in Vietnam with basically the same words...both from the guys in the jungle and from the generals. even the soldier's comments about the Afghan soldiers were the same as the one's I got about the ARVN. Great job. Someone must speak the truth
  • Read this book!

    By halfacat
    What an amazing piece of journalism. Hastings gets inside the military and politics of the afghan war like I never imagined. The accounts of meeting with McCrystal and his staff are eye opening. You need to read this book and get a better understanding of what a tragedy this war and all wars truly are.
  • The Operators

    By Prattphr
    This book is very poorly written, and is a waste of your time. It was definitely a waste of my time. Time that I will never get back. Save your brain cell do read, or listen to this crap.
  • Seriously, guys?

    By McAwesomest
    State you really complaining about a synopsis? It's an awesome book, don base your rating off the synopsis (especially when you haven't even opened the book)
  • Hastings does know what COIN is

    By Nos Greene
    They do need to correct that synopsis. The book is solid. Insightful account.
  • COIN is not CI

    By Hawijah05
    COINdinista is in reference to those enamored with COIN, or Counter Insurgency, doctrine and not counterintelligence. Counterintelligence is referred to as CI. If you don't know what you are talking about don't write a synopsis or at least find someone that does know what they are talking about to help out. Sick of all these growth industry post 9/11 national security "experts" that don't even know 101 level acronyms. As far as the book goes I haven't read it yet. Hopefully it's not as bush league as the summary.

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