Dear Cary - Dyan Cannon

Dear Cary

By Dyan Cannon

  • Release Date: 2011-09-20
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
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Withhonesty and heart-rending emotion, actress and filmmaker DyanCannon tells the story of her topsy-turvy relationship with Hollywood legendCary Grant. Cannon’s captivating narrative takes the reader behind the scenesof Hollywood’s Golden Age, inside America’s high court of glamour and notorietyin which Cary Grant was king. In his private life alongside Cannon, however, astory that began with all the romance of his famous films—Charade, ToCatch a Thief, An Affair to Remember or The Philadelphia Story—wouldend up taking a series of tragic and unpredictable twists and turns. Insharing Grant’s inside story for the first time, Dear Cary is exactlywhat Hollywood is always looking for . . . the next blockbuster, and a storyfor romance lovers of all ages.  

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User reviews about this book

  • Riveting, but in the end 'it didn't really sound like love'

    By Redheaded Robin
    Hard for me, a 66 yo baby boomer to see, hear and understand the reason Cary Grant could not truly love a spouse...even beautiful, bright and talented #4…Dyan Cannon. What a damaged piece of goods, Cary was, from early childhood, and as all spouses have learned, people have great difficulty changing, not with 'mind-bending acid trips', becoming someone foreign to who you really are, and/or seeking 'God' through drugs/chemicals. Sacrificing your true self for another is doom to any relationship. Dyan Cannon...she allowed the sacrifice of her true self, which in the end is the most destructive thing one can do. You are who you are, and through real communication, not that which is supposedly enhanced by lysergic dehydrogenase (LSD), but 'real' everyday communication, discussing the good, the bad and the ugly, can one maintain a lifetime of being in love with one person...this combined with a true, mutually agreeable spiritual life. I found this book riveting...and illustrative of how easy it is to just walk away from commitment, vows of fidelity, promises of forever. As a bright, complex woman, married to a bright, complex man, we have enjoyed the highs and endured the lows of a 42 year marriage, one that has avoided infidelity. We have not tried to change each other, just have made a very concerted effort to check on each other every day and try to 'take care of ourselves individually', so that we can nurture our duality in marriage. Read about the true love Dyann Cannon had for 'Archie' aka Cary Grant...and judge for yourselves...if before you marry you have major doubts, just don't do it, whether, months, weeks, days, hours or minutes before the 'vows are taken'. This is the story of two tormented souls, told in the context of love, but where truly, one was incapable of allowing his spouse her individuality...he needed her to be 'under his control' because for decades of his life, he was left bereft! Read this…and weep.
  • Dear Cary

    By Dottieguionnaud
    Very interesting. I saw many similarities between Priscilla and Elvis, and Dyan and Cary
  • Outstanding!

    By Bob McHenry
    Outstanding writing! Difficult to put down. Enjoyed the real life stories and heartfelt emotions written about both the good and bad times. Not normally a fan of Hollywood but this books gave an insight into the real life of one who lived it. Well worth the time spent reading.
  • Well written!

    By Brendoza
    Very captivating and well told story. It came across very honest and heart felt..
  • Dear Cary

    By Lil Teeze
    Dear Diane, thank you for sharing such a private part of your life. Anyone who reads this book can tell that you had an abiding love for Mr. Grant. There are imperfections in all of us. I am so glad that you found the answers to your questions. Peace be with you.
  • Another Poor ME book

    By Bobby Lopez-Gomez Jr.
    Instead of giving us a little inside baseball on Cary Grant we got a feel sorry for me book. A ditzy girl becomes a fourth wife to a man almost 40 years her senior and can’t understand why the marriage fails. Generally she was very respectful of Cary Grant in the book but basically blamed him for all of her problems. Unless you truly are interested in her story don’t bother with the book. The Poor me and constant whining is more than a sane person can handle.
  • Touching

    By JohnHancock61
    Truly enjoyed this book. Loved the letter Dyan wrote to Cary in the end. I've never known much about her, good to get to know her.
  • Dear Cary

    By Krin1954
    Great book that tells about the dark side of Mr. Grant,I never knew he had. He had a very sad childhood that he was never able to get over. A must read.
  • Dear Cary

    By silver swan
    A heartfelt book by Dyan Cannon of her relationship and marriage to Cary Grant.
  • "Dear Cary": An Honest Memoir

    By CarrotBean
    One can never truly know what happens between two people but, even knowing the limitations of autobiography and memoir, acknowledged frankly by the author, this book felt so real and true that I read the whole thing within 18 hours of starting it. It's about real love, and deep wounds that cast shadows on future possibilities for happiness; joy and madness; addiction and spiritual triumph; fame and the things that really count; pain and forgiveness; losing yourself and then finding compassion for your truly human self. It is four or five love stories in one, including loves passionate, spousal, parental, filial, friendly, and even four-legged. Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon are two people I had heard about my whole life, their daughter six years younger than myself. DC manages to convey the story of the love she felt and the dissolution of a marriage she never wanted to end which such immediacy that it even feels like her 20-something self is relating these events as they unfold. Her breakdown and subsequent recovery speak clearly to anyone who has ever had a similar experience. I didn't expect to love this book; but I did.

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