Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path - Erin Hunter

Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path

By Erin Hunter

  • Release Date: 2009-10-13
  • Genre: Fantasy
Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path book review score

5 Score: 5 (From 765 Ratings)

Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path Erin Hunter Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

The fifth book in Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series

Join the legion of fans who have made Erin Hunter’s Warriors series a bestselling phenomenon. More thrilling adventures, epic action, and fierce warrior cats await in Warriors #5: A Dangerous Path.

ShadowClan has chosen Tigerclaw as their new leader, and Fireheart fears that this old enemy still harbors dark plans for vengeance on his former Clan. A mysterious threat has invaded the forest, placing every cat’s life in peril. And ThunderClan’s beloved leader has turned her back on their warrior ancestors. Fireheart can’t help but wonder if she’s right—has StarClan abandoned them forever?

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User reviews about this book


    By so done with the chest timers
    How could you Erin hunter poor misunderstood swiftpaw he was my favorite character of the whole thing!😭RIP in star clan swift.can’t forget brightheart too swift paw and bright heart should have been mates and lived happily ever after! Here is the next chapters CHAPTER 8..... “What a gathering! Man I’m tired,you coming?” Panther paw asked. “Yeah hold on I’m going to...to visit my family.” “Mind if I come with you?” He replied, “s-sure!” Swift paw mews.They then walk to where her family was buried, she begins to sob, panther paw tries to comfort her as she continues to cry. She then hears a voice “don’t cry my love we are still here” her fathers voice,dirt claw mews. “Yeah, don’t forget us ok?” Her brother grey paw said. “I won’t “ she joked. “We will always love you” owl fur whispered. After they spoke they all faded away. “ thank you” she whispered into the wind. “ ok panther paw ready to go sleep?”” You bet!” He joked. They padded into the apprentice den and they both drift into sleep. CHAPTER 9...... “Let all cats able to catch there prey join beneath the rock for a clan meeting!” Their leader,storm star announced. As they bounded up to the rock,they heard their leader say “ we are hear to announce new warriors, swift paw, panther paw step up” our leader ordered. “Panther paw,you are now panther foot we now welcome you as a full member of thunder clan” our leader declared. “ swift paw,you are now swift foot we welcome you as a full member of thunder clan” storm star said proudly. “Swift foot,panther foot” the clan cheers “swift foot I need to ask you something “ panther foot mews “ what is it?” Swift foot replied. “ I -I want you to be my mate” he says “.....I would love to be your mate” she purred,and nuzzled him. They padded into the warrior den and lay beside each other and let sleep claim them. Well that’s it ! I will write the next chapters in the next book: the darkest hour. If you want to comment plz write in your review! You can use my name cheetah spots. Well cheetah spots out!
  • Chapter IV

    By 🥒🥯🍠🥝🍠🍅🧀
    “Is this the moonpool?” Flamepelt asked Scorchedwhisker, the Windclan medicine cat. He didn’t answer, just said, “Put your nose to the water.” Flamepelt obeyed. “Welcome to Starclan, young one” a voice said. “Sunstar!” “With this life I give you strength don’t use it just for battle, but also for when you are troubled.” Next was a cat as tiny as a kit. “I am Shortkit, your dead brother.” “Use this life for forgiveness. Forgive your enemies even if they kill.” Then came Grassfur, his mentor before he became a warrior. “Use this life for Willpower. Always make the right choice even if your life depends on it.” Then after six more lives he woke. Scorchedwhisker meowed, “Welcome back Flamepelt.” Special review on the darkest hour: fanmade clan
  • Chapter 4

    By PantherstarofSkyclan
    Pantherwind screeched as her leader was dragged under the water by the dog. “Bluestar no!” Moon yowled running to the edge. Pantherwind’s heart pounded in her chest as she raced over to the tom’s side scanning the water for signs of a cat. Nearby she heard two more splashes and whipped her head in the direction she had heard the splashing. There was no sign of the cause of it. Terror and rage boiled in Pantherwind’s stomach as she whipped around, scanning the undergrowth for her father. “Looking for me?” Rumbled a voice behind her. “Yesssssss.” Pantherwind hissed turning around to face the great dark tabby. “Come with me.” He pleaded. “We can unite the Clans into one together! Me and you! As leader and deputy!” Tigerstar whispered. Pantherwind hesitated for a moment standing in one place. The thought of ruling over the other Clans was tempting, but so...Tigerstar. ‘You really are his daughter, considering the fact you hesitated.’ She thought darkly. “No.” She snarled. “I would never stand beside you.” Tigerstar stared at her in surprise. “You aren’t the father I thought you were. You don’t deserve the `star in your name.” She hissed. “You’re a treacherous murderer who only thinks for what YOU WANT!” “But you’re my daughter.” Tigerstar cried out. “No I’m not.” Pantherwind whispered. “You’ve broken my heart over and over again, threatened me, ignored me, and you still said ‘I love you Pantherwind because you’re my daughter.” She felt her eyes water as she gulped. “Leave this place, leave ME.” She rasped. “Goldenflower made a mistake. She’ll still love me and my younger siblings, but we should’ve never existed.” Tigerstar backed away his gaze wide with pain. Pantherwind met Tigerstar’s gaze. “Goodbye.” Pantherwind let tears slip down her face at these words. “You’ll be spared.” Her father whispered. “A claw won’t be laid on you.” Tigerstar turned away. The big tom looked over his shoulder at her. “I’ll always love you.” Tigerstar whispered. Pantherwind shut her eyes, feeling her legs shake as her fathers smell disappeared. She opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder to see Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Fireheart, and Moon all standing over Bluestar’s body. Pantherwind’s legs buckled and crumpled to the ground. “No...” Pantherwind whimpered. “Why is this happening to me? Why am I even alive!?!?!?!?” She curled her tail around her swollen belly sadness rippling through her body like waves of water. ————————————————— If you cried a little bit, sorry. I mean every story has it’s sad parts. Cat on the cover- Bluestar Brokensong
  • Really amazing book

    By FoxLover51
    I have finished prophecy’s begin and am reading broken code and this is one of the best series I have ever read so, thxs Erin hunter. -FoxLover51 🦊
  • Overall a good book

    By -quoop
    But Bluestar was such a bad character. And fire heart shouldn’t have been made a leader yet he is too selfish
  • I bring you, ocs!

    By PeacefulStarySky
    My first one: Name: Streampaw Clan: RiverClan Rank: Medicine Apprentice Gender: She-cat Fur: a frosty tortoiseshell with white paws and muzzle Eyes: icy blue Personality: Quiet. Organised. Likes the sweet smell of herbs. Curious and always trying to find new herbs and combinations to help her Clan. Family: None, except her brother in WindClan ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Name: Olivepaw Clan: WindClan Rank: Apprentice Gender: Tom Fur: light brown tabby with white paws and muzzle Eyes: dark olive green Personality: Bold, but a little too much. Courageous. Clumsy. Always trying to be the best and a constant show off. Talkative. Family: None, except his sister in RiverClan ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Part two soon! Actual Review: why. Bluestar no. Whyyyyyyyy. I only cried for an hour. And then raged and threw my book across the room, but pretty good book
  • Fireheart,

    By dragons rule 765
    Y O U B R O K E B L U E S T A R . Also, just like blaze’ star, I’m gonna make a warriors oc 👁👄👁 Name:Sleepy’bee Clan: Thunder’clan Role: permanent queen Flaws: Blind, overprotective of all kits Looks: A black cat with blond fur splattered all over her, like a canvas. Mate: she’s had three, two of died. But her current one is tree’snap. (will make oc description one day) That’s all! I hope you had fun, and fire’heart, I need to give you a talk. YOU OUSHED HER IVER THE EDGE- SHE WENT AROUND THE BEND BONKERS BANANAS COOCOO ~Sleepy’bee of thunder’clan
  • Letter from: Blazestar ♡・,• ★

    By Popular_LPS_Drama
    Hewo! I’m new to books, and i saw some peeps make some character thingz- so I’m in! :3 ♪ Also I rlly enjoy wc! I LUV reading them! (≧∇≦) Here’s some thing about me- *for no reason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* Name: Alyssa (warrior name: Blazestar of Sparkclan Age: 11/12 :> Type aesthetic: Soft, light pink aesthetic ♡♡( ・∇・) Also mah fav wc book in this series is dis one, ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ have a good day! Say something if you want to be Mah fwend! (^O^)/ bai! I AM GIRLY GURLLL
  • #I would like to join midnightclan

    By eveveve eveve
    Here is my OC!😺 Name- cloudstripe Looks- A marbled bengal cat that has a light Grey pelt with black stripes around the tail, body, and legs with white rings around the tail and I have white paws also I have very small patches of brown on the underbelly Rank- I was a deputy for thunderclan and I am hoping I can have the same rank in midnightclan Mother- silvermist Father- Nightshadow Mate-none Kits- none Crush- blazetail Siblings- whitefur a tom cat, blackclaw a Tom, frostnight a she-cat, and mistypelt a she-cat Ability- a very fast runner [faster than anything in the area] Best talent- running very fast Skill chart... ⬇️ fighting 100%, loyalty 95%, jumping. 79%, running 1000%, bravery 90%, arguing 85%, hunting 100%, and courage 90% I hope I could be deputy in midnightclan Erin hunter is amazing writing such addicting books!!!!!!!!!!!😍🥰😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 Hope you guys like my OC!!!!!!!!! #cats are the best!! #cats rule!! #cats are amazing 🤩 #GET A CAT!!😻😻🤩
  • I have oc’s! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    By hshygwygbs
    Dipperclaw: black tom, dark blue eyes, white nose, dark gray muzzle, gray and white paws, warrior of thunder clan Pogiepaw: gray she cat, light green eyes, white stripes, black nose and paws, apprentice of river clan, warrior name: pogiepounce Sageleap: white she cat, light blue eyes, deaf, medicine cat of wind clan Lionleap: golden tom, amber eyes, brown stripes, deputy of shadow clan Galaxystar: black she cat, white stripes, INSANELY dark blue eyes that have a glimmering shine to them, leader of shadow clan, warrior name was: galaxysight ALSO BLUESTAR NOOOOOOOOOO

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