Puck Buddies - Lili Valente

Puck Buddies

By Lili Valente

  • Release Date: 2018-11-02
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
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Puck Buddies Lili Valente Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Bree Marks is my best friend... My secret crush… 
And—wait for it—cursed with a deadly allergy to erecto-plasm. As in she’ll seriously swell up and die if seminal fluid even touches her. Which means finding the perfect guy to punch her V card is literally a matter of life and death.

She wants a no-strings summer fling, but she needs someone she can trust. A puck buddy who isn’t going to get overly emotional. Someone who’s as savvy in the sack as he is on the ice. 

That’s where I come in. 
It’s a simple request, really—and one I would be happy to honor.

If it weren’t for the whole life-and-death thing.

If I hadn’t just been traded to a team thousands of miles away from this girl who makes me think not all relationships are a losing game.

If I wasn’t already crazy in love with her.

This arrangement is a disaster waiting to happen, but the heart wants what it wants, and mine wants Bree, danger and all.  

PUCK BUDDIES is a sexy, standalone romantic comedy from USA Today bestseller Lili Valente.

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User reviews about this book

  • One of my Favorites!

    By Szmoromou
    The Bad Motherpuckers Series has become one of my ultimate favorite from the wonderful Lili Valente. Puck Buddies is the sixth installment and I just could not get enough of Bree and Shane. I love romances that start off as friends. Shane has had a secret crush on Bree for forever. Bree wanted to only be friends and Shane had accepted that they would only be the best of friends. That is until Bree came up with a proposition he couldn't say no to. Poor Bree had a rare and the weirdest of the weirdest allergies that has prevented her form being intimate with a man. She is allergic to semen and she is still a virgin because of it. When Bree realized that Shane would be moving far away she knew that her time with him was coming to and end. Who better to keep her safe and help her lose her V card then a man she calls a dear friend. So it was a no brainer that Shane would be the perfect man to help her out. Although they both agreed to no strings... emotions and attractions leads them down relationship road. As much as Bree fought to keep Shane at a distance and "just friends" title, he became so much more. What is to come of Bree and Shane when his time in Portland is done? Will they fight for one another and try to make it work thousand of miles apart? I really loved Bree and Shane and the beautiful relationship they shared. They both are corny and cooky, funny and sweet and overall a lovable couple. Puck Buddies has become my favorite in this series. Lili Valente once again captured the essence of each character and drew me in with the humor, passion, trust, vulnerability and acceptance that Bree and Shane had for each other.
  • Review: Bad Motherpuckers 6: Puck Buddies

    By @LisaHines711
    Puck Buddies by Lili Valente is the sixth book in her sexy romantic hockey series, Bad Motherpuckers . This story of Bree and Shane is a friends to lovers story with a quirky twist. Well-paced and well-written (as always) this story is both sweet and sexy. The world of the Badgers Hockey team just keeps growing and fleshes out more and more with each book. Bree is a 23 year old virgin with a life-threatening allergy to semen. **drops mike** Tired of being a virgin and tipsy enough and comfortable enough with her friend Shane, she asks him, at her sisters, wedding to be her friend with benefits, a Benny Buddy. Having fully disclosed the issue with her allergy she expects him to decline but as her friend, and someone who has long been crushing on her, he is wiling to help her out. But with him leaving in a month to play for a team in another state and the both of them catching feelings, the situation gets complicated and it has nothing to do with her semen allergy and everything to do with their expectations of each other. Emotional and funny, quirky in all the right places and with the best text message conversations ever I absolutely adored this read. Hope you do too. Enjoy!
  • Perfect blend of heat, heart & humor!!!

    By KindleKat64
    I love this series so hard! And Puck Buddies may just be my favorite story yet! Although it’s really hard to choose so you should definitely read them all! I simply adore Shane & Bree!! Shane is the goalie for the Badgers. Bree is in school to one day become a psychologist. They are great friends. What a fantastic pairing! Lili Valente really knows how to tell a fantastic story while mixing the heat, humor and emotion! Shane and Bree been friends for a long time but that’s it, they’ve only ever been friends. That is until they decide to have a buddies with bennies fling because Shane only has a short time left until he leaves for his new team in Kansas City. Shane has always wanted more with Bree so this is an opportunity he will not pass up. Bree has an interesting and unusual allergy so she has held onto her v-card and she wants nothing more than for Shane to be her first. She too has always had a thing for Shane. See, perfect! Well except for the whole leaving for another team and all. I love the whole fromance concept Shane comes up with and find their every interaction sweet, fun and enjoyable from their flea market trip, van camping , super hot sexy times and everyday hilarious banter. This is one couple who are truly made for each other and I just loved their story so much! 5 poetic stars!!
  • Puck Buddies

    By JLKeniston
    Puck Buddies is another look at the hot hockey players in Portland. Shane and Bree are the lucky ones this time. I love it when two people realize their feelings for one other after knowing each other for years. Bree has an unusual allergy, which I knew nothing about! Shane is such a great guy he doesn’t give up until he finds a way to get around this allergy! I love it when men care so much for their girls! Great funny lines and situations that will keep you laughing the whole book along with the sweet love these two have!
  • My fave of the series!

    By Sandra Two Book Pushers
    Puck Buddies is the sixth book in the Bad Motherpuckers series by one of my favorite authors, Lili Valente. I have read every single one of her books and loved them all. From her naughty to sweet reads and everything in between. Now, this is the sixth book but it can be read as a standalone. If you have read the previous books then you have met Bree (Hailey’s sister) and Shane (Will’s best friend/teammate). Shane and Bree have been friends since they met at a BBQ last summer and over the last six months they have become the best of friends. Sharing their passion of bargain hunting, fun, and food. They also have something else in common. Want. They have been fighting it for what seems like forever. It’s now or never. Shane is moving to Kansas City in one month. Bree wants to lose her V card and she trusts Shane to give her what she not only wants but needs. She knows he will be safe with her. She also knows it would be nothing less than epic. But, can he handle the dangers? Bree is allergic to semen. Not only that, can he handle a summer fling? She doesn’t want to hurt him but she can’t do long distance. Shane can’t believe the proposal Bree brings to him. He is so in especially after a spontaneous kiss on the dance floor. But, he can’t only think of himself. He has to think about her health. Her heart. She deserves something special for her first time. He doesn’t want to just be her booty call for the next month. He wants to woo her even if it’s only for the next four weeks. But, will that be enough? He is already crazy for her. Can they really do this? You have to read it find out. Overall...I absolutely loved this book. It’s my favorite from the series! Shane is so freakin’ sweet, funny, and swoony. Bree is beautiful inside and out. She is also quirky. I loved that about her. And them. Their weirdness. Unique banter. And fun conversations. They made me laugh so hard. They are also made me cry and flushed. Quotes: “You make me feel like a jar full of cookies.” “Don’t be afraid to tell me what you want.” “Good. But don’t apologize. It’s better if Sheldon never gets word of this. He can hold a grudge, and I really want you two to get along.”

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