HOT Secrets - Lynn Raye Harris

HOT Secrets

By Lynn Raye Harris

  • Release Date: 2018-09-18
  • Genre: Suspense
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4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 47 Ratings)

HOT Secrets Lynn Raye Harris Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

She nearly ruined his life. Now she needs him to save hers.

It was supposed to be a simple job for hacker Bliss Bennett: access confidential files and turn them over to the CIA. But something went wrong—and now Bliss has a target on her back. With no idea who to trust, she heads straight toward the one man she hopes won’t turn her away.

Sky “Hacker” Kelley is a badass Special Operator with lethal moves and mad computer skills. He hasn’t seen his former lover—former wife—in four years, not since she nearly cost him his military career. Her arrival on his doorstep in the middle of the night reveals a gut-deep truth—he might want nothing to do with her, but he still wants her. And as much as he’d love to slam the door in her face, Sky isn’t wired to turn away anyone in distress. 

Protecting Bliss won’t be easy. The files she stole are at the heart of a dangerous conspiracy, and someone is willing to do whatever it takes—including kill—to get them back. It’ll take all Sky’s considerable black-ops skills to keep Bliss safe—and all his willpower to resist falling into her bed, and her life, ever again…

**Stand Alone, No Cliffhangers, Happily Ever After Guaranteed!**

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User reviews about this book

  • When two hackers collide, sparks will fly!!!

    By Lovingangel1231
    I love finding out what makes the HOT guys tick and their back stories, but finding out that Hacker (Sky) has a secret ex-wife that no one knew about was a real surprise! I loved the chemistry between Bliss and Sky, I swear the air around me positively crackled as I read their story!!! I also loved that Bliss was an absolute Bada$$ in her own right. Congratulations on another great release!
  • Love These HOT Men!

    By ShellyReyn
    "Why are you being so nice to me, Sky?" "Because you're my girl, Bliss. You'll always be my girl." Oh, Lordy!! These men of HOT are just that. HOT!! I have loved this series from the start and it just keeps getting better and better! This was a great love-to-hate-to-love story that tugs at your heartstrings! Hurt. Regret. Hate. Love. Fear. All the feels for sure! Bliss Bennett has lied all her life. She'll play the role to get the job done, then she's gone. As a contract hacker, she's the best of the best. Four years ago, the job went wrong. A life was lost, and two hearts were destroyed. Now, she's in trouble and the one man who hates her is her only ticket to survival. Her ex-husband. The question is, does he hate her enough to turn her away, or is there any part of him that cares enough to help her? If she makes it out of this alive, will she be able to walk away from him again? Sky "Hacker" Kelly never thought he'd see her again. Not that he ever wanted to . Everything they had was a lie and she destroyed them both. He gave her his heart once. Now he wouldn't give her the time of day. When she shows up on his doorstep, claiming that her life is in danger, why should he believe her? Another con, another dollar - that's her M.O. But, when her story checks out and it's clear that she's crossed the wrong person this time, he can't turn her away. It's not in his nature to be anything but protective. He has no doubt he can keep her safe. Can he say the same about his heart? Holy Hannah are these two hot together! You could feel the hurt coming off of both of them as they try to get past their pain, but then when they stop fighting what they want - Hoo-Wee!! The chemistry is off the charts!! This is a great addition to the series!! A definite must read!!
  • *** 4.5 star read ***

    By charlligirl
    Yet another exciting HOT book filled with adventure, mystery, mayhem, distrust and, of course, love. Sky and Bliss are "bitter" exes. There are hard feelings between them after their divorce. But when Bliss needs help, she turns to Sky. Both are hackers, but in different areas. If you are not a computer person, some of this story may be a little boring and repetitive while they are all trying to figure out the program. And yes folks, it really does take that number of people working nonstop if the program is complicated. But the adventure is, well, an adventure. My only issue with this book was some of the graphic nature towards the end. It may not bother some, but it bothered me. That's a personal issue for me and not everyone shares it. Give it a chance and make your own choice. I really enjoyed seeing Samantha in this book. It's been awhile since we've seen her. And having Kid cross over and help was good too and telling Sky about what he and Olivia went through. It allowed me to reminisce back to one of the early HOT books. It's always fun to see characters you haven't seen awhile and that is what we get here. And I hope to see Frances again in future books. She is a total sweetheart. Overall a good read full of adventure. Enjoy the ride.
  • HOR Secrets is Steamy

    By A loves books
    I devoured HOT Secrets yesterday. I could not put it down! I love a good second chance romance book, and Lynn Raye Harris did not disappoint us. HOT Secrets is a great addition to the series. It is sexy, suspenseful, and a page turner. Bliss is Hacker’s secret, and she’s about to infiltrate his world again in a big way. She gives Hacker and the Kid a run for their money. You will love this book, and the next one is set up nicely!!
  • Hot!

    By Kittythief
    Sky felt betrayed by Bliss four years ago. Now, she has to trust him and hope that he will help. He's the only one that she feels that she can trust. Sky's been angry with her for the last four years, but now he has to get past that and deal with the truth of whys of what happened. They've always had chemistry, and four years didn't diminish it. The story is HOT! The suspense was great, and so was the chemistry with Sky and Bliss. I had my suspicions, but they weren't verified until the climax when the action picks up. Another great HOT story.

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