Crash - Drew Jordan


By Drew Jordan

  • Release Date: 2015-11-01
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
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4 Score: 4 (From 647 Ratings)

Crash Drew Jordan Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

This is a dark romance intended for mature audiences.  

The greatest love stories begin with blood…

There is blood.  There is pain.  And there is him.  These are the first things I register when I wake up, the lone survivor in an Alaskan plane crash.  He carries me to safety over rough terrain and brings me to his cabin in the woods.  He has no name.  Or none he will tell me.  

As snow creeps across the harsh and isolated landscape, he is my only company.  My protector, my caretaker.  A fascinating enigma, with mysterious eyes, gentle hands, and a rough voice that demands more from me than I ever expected to give.  I make up different stories, different names for him depending on his mood, because I know nothing about him except that he is my only connection to the real world I want to return to.  So I work to please him, plotting my escape, yet all the while I start to crave him and every touch of his dominating body.    

He has saved me from the cold.  From death.  But in taking me and my body, will he destroy me? 

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User reviews about this book

  • Crash

    By Oldshelly
    Three cheers for Crash, and Laney and The Strangers story. Dark, gritty, I loved it, can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy. Drew Jordan an amazing author.
  • Bad

    By Kym58554
    I can’t even finish this...
  • Twisted & intense

    By trb xo
  • WHOA 😮

    By Ni ❣️
    Twisted and dark , erotic and thrilling dangerous and Carnal to say the least but I loved it in all it’s Unusual glory ! ..... everybody has a dark side 😁🥰
  • Good story

    By XxXcassyXxX
    I really liked the story! Sexy, exciting, and with a bunch of twists and turns. The only thing I disliked about this book is that the whole thing was written in past tense. It kept throwing me off and I could just not get used to it.
  • So boring....

    By Seriously right now come on
    Started off good....then fizzled near the middle. I like him I don’t I want him...I wanna wait I don’t....he has no back story...just a guy holding a girl he rescued from a plane crash. Waste of time.
  • No words to describe this amazing read!

    By W00giemay.
    This book was absolutely fantastic. I can not sum it up into simply words. I read the reviews about the ending and how other readers didn’t enjoy it, it does leave you with SO many questions but you are at the edge of your seat on those last few pages.. ( if you ever was able to sit back from the beginning ) it makes you put yourself in the book, what would you do? And then at the end.. all the secrets and surprises! If you enjoy a sexy / unusual / mysterious read this one is DEFINITELY for you!
  • Terrifying but confusing and steamy somehow

    By Ronnie:)
    This book starts out with the standard disaster and mysterious rescuer. The author’s prose was amazing and it was easy to feel what the main character felt. However, there was way too much back and forth on her thoughts and some of the interactions were not believable. Also, how can someone have sex when they’re hypothermic? I’m also extremely irritated that I still don’t know his name or anything about him. The main character annoyed me too because she was just all over the place with her feelings. Surprised the stranger didn’t shoot her to be honest. This book was infuriating in its way of getting progressively worse while still hooking you in the story and wanting to know how it ended. While there were a couple of twists, they weren’t particularly astounding and the ending itself was an appalling cliffhanger that really left me not wanting to know further what these two psychos were going to do with their bush lives.
  • Masterfully crafted

    By Ztylaf
    Loved this book. The way it is written was amazing!
  • Totally got sucked in

    By TGC91810
    Definitely not for everyone. It’s a very dark story about very unlikable anti-hero/heroines. This isn’t like other dark romances where the “bad” guy has a heart of gold. These characters are both truly screwed up individuals. Having said all that, I really enjoyed this novel and was completely sucked into the story. Ended up reading the remaining books in the trilogy and enjoyed them all.

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