Colonization - Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant


By Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant

  • Release Date: 2015-05-19
  • Genre: Science Fiction
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Two years later, the world lives in fragile peace. But a clandestine search has begun … and a clock has started ticking.

Two years after first contact, Astral forces have established their fragile kingdom around the globe. Motherships occupy the cities. Shuttles patrol the lawless outlands. The pacifist class of Astrals known as Titans assist humans in running their alien empire, while bloodthirsty Reptar peacekeepers ensure that order is kept. And unseen in the ships above, a third class of visitor calls the shots -- the unseen Divinity, worshipped and feared by citizens in equal measure.

Meyer Dempsey sits on his plinth as Viceroy of Heaven's Veil, on the old site of Vail, Colorado. As with other Viceroys in the eight other world capitals, humanity's remains revere Meyer almost as a god. 

But below the surface, both colonies and outlands have begun to crumble with unrest.

Until now, the rebellion has been quiet. Now, desperation bubbles as they learn the Astrals have begun digging for an ancient device buried beneath the glowing blue Apex at Heaven's Veil.

But twin truths of the forthcoming alien war (or a possible alien apocalypse) have dawned at Benjamin Bannister's facility in Moab, sending plans into action:

The Astrals have lost what they hoped to uncover. 

And humanity's only chance is to find it first. 

This relentless, page-turning tale of colonization and alien empire is the third in the Alien Invasion series by masters of story Truant and Platt, authors of The Beam, Robot Proletariat, the Dream Engine series, and many more.

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User reviews about this book

  • Awesome read!

    By Joe and Sarah
    This series of books are awesome! They keep you hooked and wanting more! Great job!!!
  • love/hate

    By russtul1944
    Heres the deal guys,I’m one of those readers who love to discover new gems by reading the free downloads and if I get hookeddon’t mind paying for the sequels. Usually they tend to fall in the $2 to $4 dollar range. Not you guys! when I first read the first Invasion series book I was hooked. You guys have a great writing style and I thought these will be writers to follow and enjoy.But by book four the dew was off the lily. By now I have realized you guys are working a style of formula writing I will call the “one step forward two steps back”approach.With each chapter or so we are subjected to having the same material we have already read spoon fed us again within the musings of the different characters. A little of this is expected but WOW! you guys are masters. Why would you do this ? Why to stretch your one book into many of course and charging a rather hefty price at $4.99 which in the digital age is bit of overkill. As much as I have enjoyed this series, when it is finished then so am I. I’m seventy one and due to the time constraints that entails, I just want to move along a little faster with the stories I decide to take bites out of my life with. More is not always better guys!
  • Colonization

    By Bud 2016
    This book had a ending that was a surprise. I am looking forward to the next book.
  • Awesome

    By SfrKity
    I truly enjoyed this book as well as the first book. I find that it is imaginative and easy to read. I didn't want to put it down, wondering what would happen next! If you enjoy sci-fi you read this as well as the first book. Great writers. The publishers need more due diligence in spelling as there were some errors that I encountered. None of them, however have changed the ease of reading. Thank you for publishing these authors and for writing great introductions.
  • Another page turner..

    By 8bitme!
    Yet another great following book in the series. Is it just me or is Raj just a pain?
  • Great Story

    By adversary666
    Exciting page-turner about an alien invasion of earth. Like-able (and hate-able) characters, scary (and tricky) aliens, cool technology (and archeology). I scorched through the first few books and I'm very eagerly awaiting the next 3 due out starting in June 2016.
  • Contact

    By John@CapeCod
    Nice twist on the invasion theme. Characters are interesting and seem true to life. A good, enjoyable read. I' ve finished the first two stories and about to start the third. Give them a try, well worth the effort. Thank you to the authors, keep 'em coming!
  • What Colonization?

    By Guardsix
    Ok, so out of the blue we jump ahead two years! Things have changed greatly around the little house on the hill in Veil, Colorado. As you’ll recall, Piper had just came back and was calling out her family and associates from the underground bunker. She did that to save their lives, I guess, because the aliens then blasted a big hole in the earth where the house and bunker used to be. I believe that’s the way it went, but since we weren’t there and the story doesn’t say what happened after that, we’ll just have to fill in the blanks. Apparently, Meyer Dempsey is also back. He’s now “in-charge” of humanity via some unknown ability to communicate directly (or indirectly) with the aliens. Oh, yeah, they are now called the “Astrals”. There are at least three classes of Astrals, the Divinity who never, ever leave the ship and they usually are the ones thinking to Meyer, the Titans who are huge, powerfully built pacifist, and the Reptars who just tear people to pieces, but are otherwise known as the Peacekeepers! Meyer Dempsey and his family including Raj, Christopher, and Terrance now live in a huge compound from which he directs humanity to do what the Astrals want or else! The “else” part means you die if you don’t do what you’re told. Other than that, humanity can get back to the business of living and dying naturally if they want. So, the Dempsey’s and anyone living in the Heaven’s Veil are considered collaborators with Earths conquerors and are targets of the small, but growing resistance movement. Heaven’s Veil is under attack on many occasions, but the rebels are usually ineffective against the Astrals and are usually dead right after a failed attack. The Astrals are looking for something on or in the earth and they don’t understand what has happened to humanity since their last visit. The Astrals are a group-think species. They all share the same thoughts, feelings, emotions and other such stuff. Humanity of old, when religion was strong and made everyone believe the same things almost made humans very much like the Astrals. Not any more! They have found humans to be much more individualistic and that they don’t understand. Well, this is all pretty weird and kind of hard to understand. I don’t understand how Meyer Dempsey can get things done when there isn’t much of a dialogue with the aliens at any point in this book. And, he doesn’t actually do anything in this part of the story. He’s just there as the Viceroy for the aliens and everyone else seems to be afraid of him and the aliens but they don’t do much in this story either. In fact, there isn’t much of anything really going on in this story. We do meet the leader of the Outlands, Nathan Andreus. He’s supposed to be a bad guy, but he doesn’t actually do anything bad in this book. He actually gets involved in helping everyone out at the end. At the end of the book it gets kind of exciting when we find out the true nature of the Titans, but that part goes by pretty quickly and then we’re wondering what’s next. Oh, yeah, Meyer Dempsey gets killed. I think; not sure about that. Good book but not sure why it was called “Colonization”?
  • Amazing

    By Lykan77
    Love these books!
  • More terror, more surprises, shifting alliances. COLONIZATION kept me wanting more.

    By iLoveReadingCP
    COLONIZATION, the third entry in the Invasion series by Platt and Truant, is an exciting ride. Like INVASION and CONTACT, COLONIZATION continues to surprise. The landscape is becoming more alien, the aliens are more terrifying and human alliances are more capricious. The book shifts direction again. Every chapter leaves you guessing and gasping for air. Like their other books, COLONIZATION explores big ideas from not-so-obvious perspectives. The science is presented at just the right level of detail, supporting, rather than overwhelming the story. Because, in the long run, that is what Platt and Truant deliver, a great story with impeccably-drawn characters, descriptions that pull you into their world and a serious threat. What more could you want?

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