God and my Neighbour - Blatchford Robert

God and my Neighbour

By Blatchford Robert

  • Category Genre: Classics
  • Release Date: 2015-02-11
  • Author: Blatchford Robert
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God and my Neighbour by Blatchford Robert read book description online

God and my Neighbour
Blatchford Robert, socialist campaigner, journalist and author in the United Kingdom (1851-1943)

This ebook presents «God and my Neighbour», from Blatchford Robert. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents
- About This Book
- Dedication
- Preface
- Forewords
- The Sin Of Unbelief
- One Reason
- What I Can And Cannot Believe
- The Old Testament
- Is The Bible The Word Of God
- The Evolution Of The Bible
- Notes On The Moses Myth
- The Universe According To Ancient Religion And Modern Science
- Jehovah The Adopted Heavenly Father Of Christianity
- The Book Of Books
- Our Heavenly Father
- Prayer And Praise
- The New Testament The Resurrection
- Value Of The Evidence In Law
- The Gospel Witnesses
- The Time Spirit In The First Century
- Christianity Before Christ
- Other Evidences Of Christ's Divinity
- The Christian Religion What Is Christianity
- Determinism
- Can Man Sin Against God
- Christian Apologies
- Christianity And Civilisation
- Christianity And Ethics
- The Success Of Christianity
- The Prophecies
- The Universality Of Religious Belief
- Spiritual Discernment
- Some Other Apologies
- Counsels Of Despair
- Conclusion The Parting Of The Ways

Conclusion: We hope you will enjoy this book. We rated it with 5 stars from 5.

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