Mastered - Maya Banks


By Maya Banks

  • Release Date: 2015-12-29
  • Genre: Contemporary
Mastered book review score

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 150 Ratings)

Mastered Maya Banks Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Breathless Trilogy comes the first novel in the Enforcers series—a bold new direction in erotic romance that explores the games men and women play, and the price they’re willing to pay for pleasure.

Coming November 2015: The Enforcers Book II: Dominated

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User reviews about this book

  • Couldn’t put it down!

    By Ileeennee
    If you loved her breathless trilogy... check this trilogy out. I’m just bummed that I’m done. PLEASE ADD MORE BOOKS TO THIS TRILOGY!
  • Slow moving

    By AFSpaceguy
    This book starts out well enough. Good hook to draw you in..... then it slows way way down! I have read almost all of Maya's books and this one took forever to get through. I think it when a little to far with the "trust" thing. At one point I yelled out we get it!!! Move on already! The female character was hard to relate to. No one can be THAT much of an angel! The twist at the end was brilliant though. I did not see that coming and I'm good a predicting the end. I'm hoping the next two books pick up the speed. Not one of Maya's best books in my opinion. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Wow

    By Daboss1222
    Omg kept me reading, the danger the unexplained love thru extreme circumstances beautiful. On to the next book
  • Good story but ..

    By Fractured art
    This story was good. In fact I found the characters so interesting I couldn’t stop. I seems a good editor could have gotten rid of the wordiness and repeated passages. Some parts, within three paragraphs, the nearly identical sentence would appear. Sometime a paragraph or two would say the same feelings or ideas from earlier in the book without adding anything new. In spite of this I read until the end. I hope the second book is more carefully edited.
  • Bloated, rape, incomplete and expensive

    By winterlady
    Normally I enjoy MB's stories. This one, however, I would give a pass. A lot of long, drawn out internal rambling dialogue, a half-complete story, and a shockingly violent assault near the end pretty much killed any good will for the characters. Some things you don't come back from, and sexual assault between the hero/heroine is one of them. I truly wondered if her beta readers gave her any valuable feedback before letting this go.
  • Best book ever!!

    By Duyyrgfffgg
    Maya Banks writes some of the most awesome books I've ever read!!!
  • Bloated story, not worth the price

    By jquilta
    I don't know about you, but I am so disappointed with authors dragging stories about one couple across multiple books. (The author addresses this in her comments at the end of the book, but after reading the book, I just don't believe it. They can earn more money this way. Period.) Some parts of this book were good, but the story development was so slow because of too much time spent on listing characters' inner thoughts and internal rehashing of conversations. It all could have been removed and the whole story condensed into one book, possibly justifying the $9.99 cover price. I doubt I will continue to read the rest of the series. Too bad, because other characters (Maddox, Silas) were intriguing and deserve their own SINGLE book.
  • Just.. No

    By Stephmila
    I thought 50 shades was the worst book I've ever read.. I was wrong. What the hell did I just read?! It wasn't put together well at all. I kept getting bored.. Won't be finishing this series. Yikes.
  • Can't wait for part two

    By Comet1006
    I love reading Ms. banks books. But it's really mean to make me wait for the ending of this story! All her books are great. As mentioned in another review, I also felt there were too many words sometimes in the paragraph and just wanted to skip them to find out what happened next. Other than that great story.
  • What

    By Mandyb35
    Please tell people upfront the book just ends in the middle of the story cause you needed two books to finish it. I feel like the other reviewers that is just mean! Not happy at all with this let down. I never have left a review but felt everybody needs to be warned it has a completely unfinished ending...

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