Stonewalled - Sharyl Attkisson


By Sharyl Attkisson

  • Release Date: 2014-11-04
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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Seasoned CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson reveals how she has been electronically surveilled while digging deep into the Obama Administration and its scandals, and offers an incisive critique of her industry and the shrinking role of investigative journalism in today’s media.

Americans are at the mercy of powerful figures in business and government who are virtually unaccountable. The Obama Administration in particular has broken new ground in its monitoring of journalists, intimidation and harassment of opposition groups, and surveillance of private citizens.

Sharyl Attkisson has been a journalist for more than thirty years. During that time she has exposed scandals and covered controversies under both Republican and Democratic administrations. She has also seen the opponents of transparency go to ever greater lengths to discourage and obstruct legitimate reporting.

Attkisson herself has been subjected to “opposition research” efforts and spin campaigns. These tactics increased their intensity as she relentlessly pursued stories that the Obama Administration dismissed. Stonewalled is the story of how her news reports were met with a barrage of PR warfare tactics, including online criticism, as well as emails and phone calls up the network chain of command in an effort to intimidate and discourage the next story. In Stonewalled, Attkisson recounts her personal tale, setting it against the larger story of the decline of investigative journalism and unbiased truth telling in America today.

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User reviews about this book

  • Bone Chilling

    By ML7220
    This is a refreshing, non-partisan expose of the corruption that has seeped into America's newsrooms. CBS learned nothing from 'Rathergate' and has become nothing more than a propaganda outlet for our fallacious and self proclaimed 'most transparent' president ever. Let's hope someone will clean house and bring in journalists with a passion for the truth, rather than an agenda. Thankfully, Attkisson is one reporter that follows a story regardless of where it leads! As an honest, tell it like it is investigative reporter she is a rarity today. This is a must read for anyone the prefers truth and wants to know how mainstream media intentionally fails to deliver it!
  • Wish it was longer!

    By Alohajoe5
    Stories are engaging, cited, and relayed in a manner that draws you into each of them. Only critique is that when it ended…you wish there was another chapter!
  • Stonewalled

    By Tggn
    This was a really good book. If you are interested in the media, politics, or government then you will find this very informative. It does have some foul language. That's really the only negative to this book. Sharyl Attkisson was a CBS reporter. She is independent and fair-minded. She describes the very troubling state of affairs at the major broadcast networks and inside the federal government. Sharyl is a true journalist and a persistent watchdog who cares about our freedoms especially freedom of the press.
  • Shocked

    By Gordiduk
    I'm shocked, shocked to find out that gambling is going on here...This book is interesting only in the fact that a longtime (20 years) CBS investigative journalist gets thrown under the bus and vilified by her own colleagues at the bequest of the Obama administration and their cronies after poking around where it's not safe to poke around inside the beltway. The fact that Ben Rhodes is Obama's Senior personal advisor and his brother is the president of CBS News should clearly indicate that anything coming from CBS criticizing Obama or his minions is a no-no. The stories she tries to get on the air are old news to the right, and she dramatically makes them look like a new Watergate scandal is in the making. Unfortunately, for Ms. Atkinson, her reporting strikes a sensitive nerve at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue she found out it's not good to poop off the same pier that one fishes on...
  • Left me wanting more!

    By Tony Beltrami
    The media are sometimes called the fourth branch of government. After reading this excellently-written book, I now know why--they are, for the most part, as dishonest and corrupt as the executive and congressional branches they cover. And, like the executive and legislative branches, they don't like honest people who aren't willing to go along with them and play the Washington game (wearing blue uniforms of course)--the people be damned. We need more journalists like Ms. Attkisson. She's renewed my faith in journalism. Must read book!
  • Stonewalled

    By Boba300
    Sheryl does an excellent job of relating how the government got into her personal and business life attempting to control what she was trying to tell the public about our government. Some of this stuff reads like a suspense novel. I got chills up my spine reading what was going on in her own house.
  • End of FOIA

    By gumshoe210
    Great job. Keeping their feet to the fire. Some one needs to look to your example of investigative journalism and stop towing the line. It sounds like you, or we have entered the realm of "1984". I pray for more investigative journalists like you. The 4th estate.
  • Mind blowing

    By boyce avenue loverrrr
    This book makes me want to jump into the cause, think of better solutions, and investigate more into the stories I read everyday. Being 17 years old, I still have my future ahead of me, and this book is helping my realize what role I could play in the government. An eyeopening read.
  • Eye opening, factual

    By lipodom
    This book is eye opening about current political history, the press, and the Obama administration. It also covers many of the administrations scandals with so much factual information it is astounding. I had little faith in today's press but after reading this book I have none at all! Thanks Sharyl for your great investigative reporting.
  • It is what you expect

    By Everybody 122
    This lady is a self serving opportunist. You will quickly understand the agenda-driven fear seedlings. Be smarter.

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