The Sheik's Defiant Fiancée - Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik's Defiant Fiancée

By Elizabeth Lennox

  • Release Date: 2013-11-27
  • Genre: Contemporary
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Laila knew in her heart that marriage should be for love, not for duty. Her union with Sheik Jabril would help improve and maintain political stability in her country, as well as bring the people of her province honor and pride. And Jabril was certainly easy on the eyes. He was tall, built like an Olympian, and exuded power and masculinity. But the man was a player of the worst sort, with mistresses all over the world! She realizes that she cannot say no to the Sheik of Surisia, so she respectfully requests that they treat their marriage like the business arrangement that it is. His response? He kisses her! Through that kiss, he demonstrates that he will not accept anything less than her full acquiescence, but she also discovers that his passion and physical presence stir something within her that she cannot control.
Their first public event together convinces Jabril that he made an excellent choice for a wife. She is not only stunningly beautiful, but smart and socially adept. She will be a worthy partner to rule his kingdom, and to share his bed! Her trembling response to his touch excites him, but her suggestion that they essentially live separate lives confounds and amuses him. There is no way he will allow that. The intensity of their first kiss lingers in his memory and he will not relent until he has experienced all she can give. He wants her in his bed, every night. And he will have her!

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User reviews about this book

  • Cute and short

    By Umm Chupz
    I enjoyed it.
  • RAPE

    By Kelb64
    It's ridiculous that anyone, but especially you, as a woman, would sanction RAPE in this book. When a woman says no, whether to her boyfriend, her fiancé, or even her husband, he should stop; not assume that she really wants it because her body is reacting to his touch! Quit perpetuating the idea that woman always want "it" and are just too weak to realize it! I would give this less than one star if I could and I will not read any of your books going forward.
  • The Sheik's Defiant Fiancée

    By Ffwife007
    Cute story but does contain a few culturally incorrect issues.
  • New author for me

    By Jena470
    Witty,Funny, and Wonderful Love Story. Always nice to find a touching love story. Thanks.
  • The Sheik's Defiant Fiancée

    By BayouBelle8
    Great, quick read but needs editing for content & spelling errors. However, I look forward to reading more stories by Ms Lennox.
  • Problematic

    By ktmgrl
    Perfect! Just what we want to be reinforcing to women, 'your no doesn't mean no if your body reacts to external stimulus.' Her nipples pebbled and therefore it's consensual? This short story is saturated with disproportionate gender power dynamics with a weak attempt at some token 'spunk' to give the illusion of strength. Even simple, short, romance stories need to be better thought out than this. I would be horrified if anyone ever treated my daughter like this!
  • Really short story

    By No-non-sense
    It's a good short read. The story would be better if it were to include a little bit more of background information about the characters, their culture and situation that they find themselves in. As it stands, we don't have a clear understanding of the interactions between the main characters and their families/friends/general public and how it works. Knowing such basic information would create a more round character that in turn would allow the reader to associate with more easily. I do like the fact that the female character has some 'spunk' and of course can't forget about the attitude in her character which makes the piece so much fun to read.

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