Words of Radiance - Brandon Sanderson

Words of Radiance

By Brandon Sanderson

  • Release Date: 2014-03-04
  • Genre: Epic
Words of Radiance book review score

5 Score: 5 (From 3,348 Ratings)

Words of Radiance Brandon Sanderson Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

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User reviews about this book

  • Ending my frustration

    By Mista Finn
    Finally we get what is needed I will say no more it is amazing to grow with our characters
  • A truly imaginative body of work!

    By BlufireFPO9
    I happened to stumble upon my first book, Way of the Kings and have since just finished Words of Radiance! Both of these books have renewed my love of reading, my love of magic and its possibilities. An incredible journey through a world that continues to amaze. The way in which characters were developed is mind boggling, how each level of joy mixed with pain mixed with acceptance has created an immediate bond to each character through their journey. The journey is exciting and thrilling, a non-stop ride unbridled creativity. I dare not compare these writings to any other series of books similar for fear of downplaying the sheer genius of this body of work. This is what writers dream of writing. If it were possibly I would certainly be seeing Inspirationspren right now! I look forward to the next book the Oathbringer.
  • It’s a slog, but still pretty good

    By tomd181
    I don’t want to attempt to summarize this book in just a few words, since Sanderson has invented a seriously diverse and complex universe. Mostly, I want to ask if there are ever any editors involved in his process. I have read four of his books now. Each one has had the same issue: the first 80% (and he does not write short novels) will be Sanderson setting up about a million dominoes, many of them with similar names and motives. About the time that you may want to just give up, he knocks over the leading domino, and for the rest of the (many) pages, all hell will break loose. As he works to wrap up the story, which is always just one loooong chapter in an almost endless story, you will be forced to admit that this guy can write! Why isn’t there an editor demanding that he apply some discipline to the first 80%? The good news is that this book is an improvement over the first entry in this saga. The bad news is that he might need TEN books to tell his story. Yikes.
  • Excellent

    By Reddttt
    Jumped right in after way of kings and diidn't want it to end. Don't know how this will be a movie. They better change their minds and make it a tv series.
  • Not looking forward to the 3rd

    By Dave in State College
    I couldn’t put this one down, read it through a long weekend. I’ve been very unproductive since starting it, and had to finish it so I could get back to work.
  • If...

    By J76goatboy
    If this book was an eggroll, I'd eat it, then order some more
  • Just too good to put down!

    By SteeleDistilled
    Every chapter that Bounces from one character to the next makes you read 100 more pages just to get back to where it left off, except you feel this way with every character. So amazing!
  • just amazing

    By Fred Gibson
    i can honestly say that this is one of the best books i've ever read, the world building and character development is perfect, you start to like them and start thinking in terms of their world almost without realizing it. you know it's good when you wish an 1000 plus page book was longer. great book, would recommend to anyone and excited for oathbringer later this year.
  • Genius!

    By MatrixVoom
    Mr. Sanderson is one of the greatest literary authors of our time, forget this is fantasy. Epic, sweeping, emotional, world building, entertaining.... If this was not in the genre of fantasy, this book would be winning literary awards right and left!
  • Amazing!!!!!

    By Highness isn't handbag 198
    Somehow, Brandon Sanderson has managed to turn a thousand page textbook into a gripping page turner. The book was exciting, insightful, and philosophical every page.

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