Civilian Warriors - Erik Prince

Civilian Warriors

By Erik Prince

  • Release Date: 2013-11-18
  • Genre: Military
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No company in our time has been as mysterious or as controversial as Blackwater. Founded by former Navy SEAL Erik Prince in 1997, it recruited special forces veterans and others with the skills and courage to take on the riskiest security jobs in the world. As its reputation grew, government demand for its services escalated, and Blackwater's men eventually completed nearly one hundred thousand missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both the Bush and Obama administrations found the company indispensible. It sounds like a classic startup success story, except for one problem: Blackwater has been demonized around the world. From uninformed news coverage to grossly distorted fictional portrayals, Blackwater employees have been smeared as mercenaries, profiteers, jackbooted thugs, and worse. Because of the secrecy requirements of Blackwater's contracts with the Pentagon, the State Department, and the CIA, Prince was unable to speak out when his company's opponents spread false information. But now he's able to tell the full and often shocking story of Blackwater's rise and fall. In Civilian Warriors, Prince pulls no punches and spares no details. He explains his original goal of building an elite center for military and law enforcement training. He recounts how the company shifted gears after 9/11. He honors our troops while challenging the Pentagon's top leadership. And he reveals why highly efficient private military contractors have been essential to running our armed forces, since long before Blackwater came along. Above all, Prince debunks myths about Blackwater that spread while he was forced to remain silent-myths that tarnished the memory of men who gave their lives for their country but never got the recognition they deserved.

He reveals new information about some of the biggest controversies of the War on Terror, including:

• The true story of the Nisour Square massacre in Baghdad.
• The actual details of Blackwater's so-called impunity in Iraq.
• The events leading up to the televised deaths of Blackwater contractors in Fallujah.

Prince doesn't pretend to be perfect, and he doesn't hide the sometimes painful details of his private life. But he has done a great public service by setting the record straight. His book reads like a thriller but is too improbable to be fiction.

From the Hardcover edition.

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User reviews about this book

  • Civilan Warriors

    By The Watecher
    fact filled and honest. Erik Prince has a platform here to set the record straight about his company and the relationship government keeps with mercenaries. Good read and facts are researched and backed up. read truth to power and respect these people.
  • Telling the other side of the infamous Blackwater story.

    By Mark a.k.a. "Manzelle"
    I will admit to not being a dedicated reader, often buying a book to slowly if ever fully read. After watching interviews of Erik Prince online I finally "pulled the trigger" (I couldn't resist) and purchased it. I have never been so engrossed or read so fast a book of this length, completing it in 6 days between a hectic schedule of work and school. I loved it! This book dives into how the man came to be, why he did what he did, how they (Blackwater) became so successful and the eventual downfall of a company that could have made a dramatic positive change to the world. With time comes insight, the political fever wanes and calmer heads prevail. Is he spinning his own history, maybe, but from this I found a look back from the other side of the story that seems more believable. This book also should be noted for its overall business lessons that any entrepreneur should know. I highly recommend this book just to remind you that there is always at least two sides to a story and both deserve attention.
  • Civilian Warriors

    By Rexfordd
    Anyone who would trust the political machine in Washington needs to rethink their goals. They are not trust worthy and will screw great companies and men every time. A Viet Nam Vet
  • Thank you

    By WinOsc
    I'm glad that Eric Prince wrote this book. I've always assumed there was more to the Blackwater story than I had read in the news, etc. While Prince expresses a sense of regret at the end of the book, I believe he is a visionary and his business model will be here for years to come.
  • Civilian Warriors by Eric Prince

    By Oregoneugene
    This book details (and details and details) the rise and decline...not fall,but decline of Blackwater. Interesting,informative and infuriating because of the interference and grand-standing of politicians and governmental professional idiots. The one thing that Prince and other pros who deal with largely inefficient and interfering idiots is that there is ALWAYS someone who can say no.....Recommended.
  • Civilian warriors

    By Asdfghjjjkhf
    Great book. One of the best I've read. I like the reading/seeing the POV first hand from the person who's taking the brunt of the punishment that the main stream media is trying to make its ratings or support their radical left wing ideologies on. This book might give you some insight on the agendas you would like you congressman or representative to focus on. Best of luck to Mr. Prince and future endeavors.
  • Great read

    By Slsm33
    Great book! It's nice to hear the other side.
  • Civilian Warriors

    By Strack Mack
    This was a very good book for anyone interested in the inside story about Blackwater. I myself only knew what I had read in the media which had often portrayed this organization in a very unfavorable light. After seeing Mr. Prince interviewed by Jon Stewart I decided to see what he had to say about his company or rather former company. As a former infantryman I was very glad to learn that almost all employees of this company were former military, had I been younger when this company formed it is exactly where I would have gravitated to myself when I left the Army. I believe what Mr. Prince writes in his book and I think everyone with an interest in how our government projects it's image around the world will find this book a good read. While it is clear Mr. Prince is a staunch conservative, I still believe he gives an evenhanded look at the under belly of our government regardless of which party is at the helm. You won't be disappointed and you just might learn something.
  • Do NOT miss this one..

    By ElDiabloDeLosAves
    I have to thank the author, for his service, and for seeing that this story is told!! This book is well written, fascinating, and provides insight into an element of our nation’s defense that’s important for the American people to understand. It’s great to see the Good Guys finally getting a chance to get the real story told. My son is an Lt. serving in the US Army, and he gets a copy of this for Christmas.
  • Excellent!

    By Twoz2
    A great memoir telling his side of the story...the news and pols only ever 'report' the view that fits a narrative that exists in their world. Thanks Erik for filling in all the gaps in the history of Blackwater and your life. All the best in your future!

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