Perfect Coffee at Home - Michael Haft & Harrison Suarez

Perfect Coffee at Home

By Michael Haft & Harrison Suarez

  • Release Date: 2013-07-01
  • Genre: Beverages
Perfect Coffee at Home book review score

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 118 Ratings)

Perfect Coffee at Home Michael Haft & Harrison Suarez Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Perfect Coffee at Home is the definitive guide to coffee, told through the eyes of two Marines looking to make the most of their morning coffee ritual.

In this first-of-its-kind digital book, Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez will take you through the third wave coffee renaissance and teach you everything you need to know. Plus they'll use illustrations, interactive graphics, videos and a soundtrack to make the whole story an immersive experience.

From French press techniques for beginners, to microscopic views of coffee particles for experts, Haft and Suarez have created a fun, accessible, and fascinating window into how you can take part in the ongoing coffee renaissance.

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User reviews about this book

  • Quality

    By Buck 0302
    Truly a quality product from two very interesting prior Marines. Once I opened it, I didn't put the book down. The book is cool, stylish, and interactive; it can be a continuous reference in learning how to brew. Felt as if I went from novice to professional barista after reading.
  • I didn't know I didn't know anything about coffee til now

    By must-read for coffee drinkers
    Absolutely changed the way I make coffee. Must-read for any coffee-lover.
  • Coffee and Story

    By alemarcer
    This is a quick yet fascinating look into the world of coffee. These authors are able to magnificently match their coffee-making advice with their personal story. I highly recommend this book to anybody that drinks coffee on a regular basis and wishes to make their experience a little more special!
  • Amazing

    By BartyB.
    Quite simply, this book has completely changed the way I look at coffee. As someone who is sick of waiting in line at Starbucks everyday for overpriced and mediocre coffee, I am so thankful that this book has given me the tools and knowledge to brew my own at home. On top of that, it is well written and easy to understand. A great read!
  • Really interesting read

    By Cffelvr
    A complete, comprehensive guide indeed. The content is sound; this is the deepest insight and analysis I've seen on coffee. Why did it take so long is the real question. America's obsession with coffee is nothing new… Awesome read, must buy!
  • From a tea devotee to coffee aficionado

    By europeanface
    I've tended to prefer tea when it comes to my morning caffeine boost. Until now, that is. On the advice of some coffee-loving friends, I went on the hunt for a guide to the perfect home-brew (since I'm not willing to splash out on a Starbucks every morning). The book's format is innovative, and utilises the platform of the iPad to its fullest extent -- I love the listening features that accompany, and complement, your reading along the way. The content certainly holds up its end of the bargain as well, and if you follow the suggestions within these pages you'll be making phenomenal coffee at home in no time at all. Simply put: this book has everything you need to make the best coffee, and you'll never want to go back to a chain cafe again - can't recommend it enough.
  • Much Appreciated!

    By Kitty Hinojosa
    The amount of effort and passion put into this book is astounding. I loved it! It has completely changed my mornings. These guys write with a well researched authority, but bring a young and interesting charm. A must read for any coffee-lover!
  • Stellar guide! must get.

    By sobinho
    I am, and have always been, an emphatic coffee drinker. This book has redefined my love of the drink. I no longer think of it as a means to an end, but a process - an enjoyable one at that! Beyond the content, it's entertaining and interactive! The iBook has created a whole new approach to writing.
  • Top notch

    By btriana
    Wake up, America! Homebrew coffee is the future and people are finally starting to realize it. These two young authors know their stuff.
  • Brilliant Journey

    By Wm.R.Cone
    Content and execution are wed in this book like when the artist and engineer collaborate to produce a practical, productive guide to joyful living. Steven Johnson writes in "The Invention of Air" that the true renaissance man of the eighteenth century developed in the coffee house culture of the time. " ... The public space of the coffeehouse served as the central hub of innovation of British society. How much of the Enlightenment do we owe to coffee? Most of the epic developments in England between 1650 and 1800... Have a coffeehouse lurking at some crucial juncture in their story. ...Newton's theory of gravity, the South Sea Bubble, etc..." Johnson declares elsewhere that the consumption of coffee to a large part offset the alcoholic inebriation of the general culture, replacing sloppy thought and action with precise, dynamic thoughts and intellectual collaborations that were also fueled into practical experimentation and execution by social coffee consumption! I don't think that Haft and Suarez were aware of this when they wrote their book, but they are an excellent example of the 21st century's own enlightenment era. From "2 eclectic guys who didn't always play by the rules" (and also filled honorable deployments as marine officers), I learned about: Biphasic Sleep (the condition under which I experienced this book last night after first becoming aware of it) The trade off between speed & excellence Techtvorm (Steve Jobs would have loved this device) Pareto learning curve (Pareto efficiency, etc.) a critical component of our Dailey functioning reality) Nothing worth doing comes easily (the opposite of most modern cultural offerings) Learning is continuous, there is always room to improve, explore and to innovate - it was our turn to participate - now it is yours! New ways of storytelling using text, sound, video and touch. How refreshing! I began by stating that this seemed to be the collaboration of an engineer and an artist to produce a practical example of the process of joyful living. I listened to great original jazz (included) as I read their honest, wisely practical text and viewed clear photos and illustrations regarding the topic. I learned, I laughed, I thought, I was entertained and I discovered some processes, principles and practices that I can apply to my productive way of life. All of this and I don't even drink coffee. Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez - thank you for this book and your lives! I can't wait to discover your next work, for certainly this is only the first chapter.

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