Bigger Leaner Stronger - Michael Matthews

Bigger Leaner Stronger

By Michael Matthews

  • Release Date: 2012-01-14
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
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User reviews about this book

  • This is the bible of Fitness and Nutrition

    By Cory Vore
    I have been studying fitness and nutrition intensly for two years. I must say that there is so much crap out there you will consistantly findout that you are wasting your time with so called gurus that are filling your head with more myths than Greek Mythology. BLS breaks down everything you would ever need to know about fitness and nutriotion and he backs up every claim with facts on a whopping 60+ pages of references listed at the end of the book and citations listed all the way through. No matter what level of lifter you are, you can learn many things from this book. I also love the books training app that you can find at It costs a one time fee of $5 after 10 uses and I find it to be a completely reasonable cost for all the features and benefits it offers. I had been writing my lifts and gains down in my iphone notepad for months and it can be a pain to scroll through all that data sometimes to total up my gains.
  • Great

    By Ghost1913????
    Very good book.
  • His podcast convinced me to buy his book

    By SeanLovegrove1
    I’ve been listening to Mike’s podcast, Muscle for Life for about a month and I knew right away I wanted to get my hands on his book. I finally made the purchase on Friday and had finished it by Monday. I look forward to starting the program this week. I’ve been doing many of these exercises before but I definitely think this book and his podcast were an eye opener for me in a lot of ways. Mike knows his stuff, he has a great outlook on life and his positivity and motivational ability will fire you up. It’s a simple program but it’s obviously proven!
  • Do it.

    By casmith00008
    I’ve been working out on and off for the past 4 years, however I’ve always had a hard time slimming down and constantly plateaued which led to me taking a break. I’ve been doing the bigger leaner stronger workout for about 3 weeks and eating better. I’m 10 pounds lighter and I can already see a difference in my tone and strength. Highly recommend!
  • Must buy for any gym newbies

    By Fernando24
    So far I’ve been on the bigger leaner stronger program for 2 months and I’ve noticed significant amounts of fat loss and muscle growth. I look forward to accomplishing my goals with this program
  • Passionate guy

    By meyoumeagain
    I've been listening to your podcasts and really enjoy how you explain everything in great detail but in a way that makes sense! I finished your book and I'm going to start the 5 day split this week. My favorite podcast is where you went in detail about a full body workout and the best exercises to do. I would be interested in a detailed podcast about 3-5 day splits and if you've changed anything since this book. Thanks again for all your hard work. It's very obvious you care about your audience. Cheers!
  • A

    By Outumurom16

    By Zombielizer
    Over the years ive read a ton of fitness books and this is the first one i totally understood. What makes this one different is this author speaks from the heart. Just one guy chatting with the other. I Really believe he genuinely cares. This book answered EVERY question i had and then some!! I cannot recommend this book HIGHLY ENOUGH. Its in the process of changing my life and itl change yours to and not just physically. This book also taught me some important life lessons
  • If you’re done playing games...

    By Kent J.
    This book not only gives you a no nonsense approach to building muscle but it also gives you tons and tons of research that back up the claims made in this book. I highly recommend it to anyone that’s serious about building muscle and refuses to bounce from one well marketed workout scam to the next just to make no major gains. You won’t regret this investment of your time or money!
  • Confused about where to start? Start right here!

    By Dr Dazzy
    I've been a health nut for years, and have had successes and failures in my question for optimal health. I've been stuck a certain weight for 3 years with a boy fat level of 24%. In the past I have tried low carb dieting, two a day workout sessions, restrictive carbs, high protein/high fad meal plans: you name it, I've tried it and all it's done is left me confused and frustrated. After two years of low carb diet that I found hard to stick to, I googled "flexible eating" and eventually it lead me to BLS. In the past I admit that I purchased Mike's book on supplements, and had even purchased Legion products via Amazon, but never really looked further. The book has everything you need to get you started on a training and eating plan to the body that you want. Many of Mike's concept I have read on my own, so it provided validity to the use of carbs while training. Heavy training has been effective for me over the last year, so BLS helped me see exactly what I was doing wrong (mostly overeating) and provides plenty of info to help you build a program that works for you. The only improvement I would make is to maybe provide a sample 7 day meal plan for people who really like to have structured plans but can't really afford a custom meal plan. That way it shows how foods can pair together while still hitting your macros and enjoying what you eat. But honestly that's just a luxury-you don't need it! I'll be chronicling my Year One Challenge, also by Mike, so I hope this helps. I also add he is super friendly and accessible via email despite his busy schedule!

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