Off Balance - Dominique Moceanu

Off Balance

By Dominique Moceanu

  • Release Date: 2012-06-12
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
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In this searing and riveting New York Times bestseller, Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu reveals the dark underbelly of Olympic gymnastics, the true price of success…and the shocking secret about her past and her family that she only learned years later.

At fourteen years old, Dominique Moceanu was the youngest member of the 1996 US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics team, the first and only American women’s team to take gold at the Olympics. Her pixyish appearance and ferocious competitive drive quickly earned her the status of media darling. But behind the fame, the flawless floor routines, and the million-dollar smile, her life was a series of challenges and hardships.

Off Balance vividly delineates each of the dominating characters who contributed to Moceanu’s rise to the top, from her stubborn father and long-suffering mother to her mercurial coach, Bela Karolyi. Here, Moceanu finally shares the haunting stories of competition, her years of hiding injuries and pain out of fear of retribution from her coaches, and how she hit rock bottom after a public battle with her parents.

But medals, murder plots, drugs, and daring escapes aside (all of which figure into Moceanu’s incredible journey), the most unique aspect of her life is the family secret that Moceanu discovers, opening a new and unexpected chapter in her adult life. A mysterious letter from a stranger reveals that she has a second sister—born with a physical disability and given away at birth—who has nonetheless followed in Moceanu’s footsteps in an astonishing way.

A multilayered memoir that transcends the world of sports, Off Balance will touch anyone who has ever dared to dream of a better life.

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User reviews about this book

  • Excited

    By Mckenzie q
    The book is downloading right now but I now I'm gonna really enjoy it! Me and her have the same birthday lol!😀
  • Modern Twist on the Heroine's Journey

    By Good2betrebes
    Moceanu shares an intriguing and candid series of true stories from her life. She takes the reader along while she as an expectant wife and mother deals with a shocking and life-changing event. This prompts her to look back on all the parts of her journey as an Olympic hopeful, gold medalist, and retired professional. Her unique family dynamics are told in a fearless, yet complex way. At the end the reader will understand Dominique's true spirit as a champion, like Odysseus, is rooted in her ability to love and endure despite all the challenges she faced.
  • So much better than I thought it would be

    By mobecks
    I read the sample and was immediately hooked. I kept reading because I knew it would be good but it surprised me even more: it just kept getting better. The drama, the secrets...I never knew what was next. Her honesty is what makes it. Her slightly political view...I thought I knew gymnastics, but I was in the dark before I read this book.
  • Loved it

    By $$$msbushee$$$
    I remember seeing the mag 7 win in 96. I loved Dominique she was my favorite, and after reading this book it just reiterates it. I found it compelling and heart breaking what we didn't know about her struggles! Simply amazing.
  • On balance...

    By industrygal
    An open, candid, honest and moving autobiography. Dominique addresses a very painful personal history, sheds a solid and clear light on the problems within the USA Women's Gymnastic field, and an even more glaring light on the Karolyis' apparent autocratic, calculating and abusive styles. USA wake up, this isn't the Old Country! I wish Dominique success playing an instrumental role in bringing change about to what is no more than a monopolized dictactorship!
  • Great book for parents of any young athlete

    By PaNoMaC
    I most certainly remember the Magnificent 7 in Atlanta and Dominique was my favorite because we were the same age and I loved her floor routine music choice. Now as the father of a young lady very interested gymnastics, this book really spoke to me.
  • Page turner!

    By Annemariesells
    I don't read too many books a year, but this was fantastic. Doninique knows how to tell her story very vividly. Great read!
  • Wonderful read, truly

    By Sweedp
    I'm a complete novice when it comes to the sport of gymnastics, but have always been mighty intrigued by the intensity and unwavering talent that these athletes exhibit. I absolutely LOVED this book, and while it saddened me to read about the abusive environment these girls are exposed to, I'm confident that there will be changes made, slowly but surely. I'm so very happy for Dominique's accomplishments, and wish her nothing but the very best in her life! Sounds like she is already there!!! :)))
  • Great

    By Anatalys
    This was a great read! I'm glad to see how people overcome hurdles in life & reach a point of understanding, forgiveness & growth. Now, as I watched the Olympic trials, I thought it was strange that selections weren't based from scoring only & wondered about monopolizing during this process. I hope in the near future that this changes to ensure fairness to all competing gymnasts, no matter what age, popularity or politics. Kudos to Dominique for opening up about her life experiences & for being an advocate!!!
  • Amazing!

    By Touchette's
    I couldn't put this book down!! As the parent of an aspiring athlete I found it disgusting that the coaches treated Dominque so poorly!!! Thanks for opening my eyes to that piece!!!

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