Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451

By Ray Bradbury

  • Release Date: 2011-11-29
  • Genre: Classics
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  • Defending Books… 65 Years Later

    By Bob Magnant
    I was delighted with Neil Geiman’s Introduction the original Fahrenheit 451; his words reaffirm the timelessness that the story brought to me. I was born between Bradbury (1920) and Geiman (1960) and I went back to reread the book, already questioning how a story that was written in the past about the future could truly hold up for today’s generation in a world that’s already been dramatically shaped by time and technology in ways that they weren’t even aware of. In the 1950’s, Bradbury already saw computers possibilities in simple terms and saw that nothing but good would be coming from them. He believed that, in a sense, computers were simply books, were all over the place and that computers would be as well. A familiarity exists in the conversations and the silences of the story that is easily recognized as the firemen discuss their work, their lives and the complexities of their relationships; those surroundings seem timeless. The images of Mildred’s ‘family’ in the parlor are quite similar to the multiscreen environments that typically surround us today. Look around you; computers and smartphones count! The relationships that we still have with books goes without saying; they’ve been with us for centuries. The idea that all books could become criminal has always been an absurdity to the masses but the historical role that book burning has played as a means deleting or controlling differences and dissidents is real. ‘Fahrenheit 451’ is a novel first, a fiction, a story about a dedicated fireman, Montag, who believes that all books cause conflicting ideas and must be destroyed. He is part of a zealous effort to purge their existence from society. After meeting Clarisse, he begins to question how his beliefs have been shaped and his curiosity inspires his quest for meaning in words. By story’s end he has become the revolution and a hero for the future of books… just like Bradbury!! I was struck by Bradbury’s comments in Coda (1979) of how he waged a lifelong battle with well-intentioned readers or the actions of cubby-hole editors, fearful of contaminating the young, blatantly changing his words or suggesting that he do. In one instance, he discovered that, bit-by-bit, some seventy-five separate section had been censured from Fahrenheit, causing the entire book to be reset. His point should be obvious; there is more than one way to burn a book and the world is full of people running about with lit matches! This book contains an unprecedented collection of timely wisdom from noted experts from the world of words just in time to bolster my efforts to promote storytelling in today's younger generation, not the least of these are from Bradbury’s own perspectives. Bob Magnant created the Fingertips Series on Apple iTunes to promote the reading, writing and reviewing of books in the digital age. He has written multiple Apple iBooks and is the author of 'Domestic Satellite: An FCC Giant Step' and 'The Last Transition...', a fact-based novel about Iran. He writes about politics, globalization, the Internet and US policy and lives near the beach in Jupiter, FL.
  • Love it

    By alicejoaquin
    I just finished reading it last month in my English class it was great and the new movie was okay it has Michael B Jordan in it
  • It’s alright

    By kacif2001
    I read this book for book club and while I was reluctant, it wasn’t a terrible book!
  • Why did I read this

    By This was epic
    My mom told me to read this and I am only in 4th grade! I don’t even know what happened. It is just like to kill a mockingbird, where I don’t understand anything.
  • Dear Reviewer Tyler

    By Educated better than some
    You dim wit...if anything The Giver ended like this book. Do some research...see which was wrote first and which second.

    By Ima Cry
    how does this not have five stars
  • Hdjd

    By Tyler Plageman
    This book had almost the same ending as The Giver book!!!!!!!!! 😩 I'm disappointed in this book and how I spent $14 on it
  • Beware

    By DudeThatReads
    We can't let our society get to this point and guess what we are on the fast track to becoming exactly what Bradbury describes. His guesses at what society would be like and the technology we would have are uncanny.....
  • A Science Fiction Masterpiece!

    By Dwardeng
    Ray once said that this novel was his only Science Fiction work and that most of what he wrote otherwise, was Fantasy. I have to disagree. Nonetheless, this book should be required reading in high schools. Freedom of thought and the printed word are at stake. Paper burns at 451 F! The movie is also good.
  • Great book not suggested for people who like happy endings

    By Disney-pro 13
    I recommend that really strong readers read this book this book shows you the importance of books. The author of this book Ray Bradbury is a end of the world writer I don't want to spoil the book so I recommend that people should read this book it's a classic

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