The Patron Saint of Liars - Ann Patchett

The Patron Saint of Liars

By Ann Patchett

  • Release Date: 2011-04-19
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Book Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Book Review and summary The Patron Saint of Liars Ann Patchett

In 1992, celebrated novelist Ann Patchett launched her remarkable career with the publication of her debut novel, The Patron Saint of Liars. On this 25th anniversary, read the best-selling book that is “beautifully written . . . a first novel that second- and third-time novelists would envy for its grace, insight, and compassion” (Boston Herald).

St. Elizabeth's, a home for unwed mothers in Habit, Kentucky, usually harbors its residents for only a little while. Not so Rose Clinton, a beautiful, mysterious woman who comes to the home pregnant but not unwed, and stays. She plans to give up her child, thinking she cannot be the mother it needs. But when Cecilia is born, Rose makes a place for herself and her daughter amid St. Elizabeth's extended family of nuns and an ever-changing collection of pregnant teenage girls. Rose's past won't be kept away, though, even by St. Elizabeth's; she cannot remain untouched by what she has left behind, even as she cannot change who she has become in the leaving. 

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More Reviews

  • A dud

    By WoodyRex
    While I enjoyed the style of writing, I really wish I hadn't bothered with this book. It was depressing, and I felt like the writer just quit on the story rather than resolving any of the threads.
  • Beautiful.

    By guess :)
    This book reminded me of my love of reading.
  • Whaaat???

    By G-0-1
    The ending was just poop
  • Patron Saint of Liars

    By Word Lover 70
    This novel by Anne Patchett is superb. Delightfully mysterious with more questions than answers. Faith run deeply throughout the story line. Characters well drawn and believable. The reader wants to know more with each turn of the page but the author gives enough to make one want to meet the characters and enter into their lives.
  • Left me dangling in space...

    By Paleo Schnauzer
    I really wanted to give this book 5 stars. The wordcraft is amazing, especially in the opening few chapters but it bogged down and slogged through the middle only to rise up and grab your attention at the penultimate page, but then boom! the door slams shut and as the reader turns to the last page, the reaction is 'what!?!', no ending, no conclusion, no satisfaction. Only complete and utter frustration to have taken this long ride only to be dumped unceremoniously on a pile of unanswered questions. When I began the book I said to myself, this is wonderful, I wish I could write this well. At the end however, I muttered to myself, I could have written a far more satisfying end. Very disappointed.
  • Leaves you wondering...

    By Ellie123456789101112131415
    I enjoyed this book but it took sometime to get through, definitely not a all night reader. The characters are well developed and the story line was interesting. I just find the main character very annoying at her inability to connect with those who love her. The ending leaves you wondering, I feel there should be more. Or is that how the author wants you to react?

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