A Cold Day for Murder - Dana Stabenow

A Cold Day for Murder

By Dana Stabenow

  • Release Date: 2011-03-10
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
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A Cold Day for Murder Dana Stabenow Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Somewhere in the hinterlands of Alaska, among the millions of sprawling acres that comprise “The Park,” a young National Park Ranger has gone missing. When the detective sent after him also vanishes, the Anchorage DA’s department must turn to their reluctant former investigator, Kate Shugak. Shugak knows The Park because she’s of The Park, an Aleut who left her home village of Niniltna to pursue education, a career, and justice in an unjust world. Kate’s search for the missing men will take her from self-imposed exile back to a life she’d left behind, and face-to-face with people and problems she'd hoped never to confront again.

The first novel in the popular Kate Shugak Series, A Cold Day for Murder established Dana Stabenow as a new voice in Alaskan mystery writing, and earned her an Edgar Award.

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User reviews about this book

  • Confusing

    By My Citibank
    I enjoyed the book but was very confused by the ending. I’m not sure if I missed something or not but the ending made no sense to me. I did enjoy the read though and love especially the loyalty of Mutt. I will purchase the other books in this series.
  • Fun read!

    By Slonoel
    I really enjoyed this book. The author's attention to detail is so great that I feel every icicle, snowdrift, and chill when reading through the novel. She creates character development perfectly and the mystery is intriguing. I have to read the next one!
  • Interesting story

    By Borntoreconcile
    I saw complaints about the lengthy descriptions but I bought the book anyway just to see what they looked like in my mind. They did seem to be a little much but didn't last long. Once the story got started it became more interesting and fun to read. The descriptions become more meaningful once you get into it. I recommend this book for its story and the characters that developed in it.
  • The first of a great series!

    By Papillion727
    If you enjoy this book I recommend reading the Kate Shugak series in order. Characters are introduced, developed, and their roles change. The one criticism I have of Stabenow is that she isn't consistent with details. A family has nine children in one book but only five in another. A baby boy becomes a baby girl and a Ford truck changes into a Chevrolet. There are many more and I found it distracting.
  • Good read!

    By Cbishop101
    The plot kept me intrigued and I learned quite a bit about Alaska in the process.
  • Six stars, at least.

    By Why not a sample first.
    Enough said: from beginning to end,a jewel. Read it!
  • A Cold Day for Murder - very well written

    By Holl_doll
    Well written. Interesting setting. Loved the cultural insight.
  • Good

    By Cortbrain
    Characters well-developed, plot cohesive.
  • I am hooked!

    By Dana Sokol
    Tho I had never heard of this author the prologue for this book drew me in and I enjoyed it so much that I intend to read the entire series. I am an avid reader and enjoy reading all genres. I can't believe that it has taken me more than 20 years to find this author being the reader that I am but I am so glad that I did. I highly recommend this author. I also recommend that you start from the beginning of the series to get the full effects of the storyline. I gave this book five stars because I couldn't find anything I didn't like about the story. I was completely hooked and enthralled after the first chapter.
  • Surprise!

    By Ames Account
    After reading some of the reviews I was uncertain, but then I read the book. So I wonder, did I read the same book as the people who gave this story a bad review? Well, I liked it. I look for writing that allows me to see the characters in my imagination, see the landscapes, details in and out of various buildings, etc. I was able, with the author's writing, to do all of this. I found the story well written and the characters well-developed. I think it's because I allow books to be entertainment and to take me to another place and time and to meet characters I may or may not have met in other books. I believe if you can be entertained by a book then reading is easier. I will read more of this author. I find her writing intriguing and riveting.

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