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By Iceberg Slim

  • Release Date: 2011-05-10
  • Category Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
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Featured on Dave Chappelle's Netflix comedy special The Bird Revelation

Before Hip Hop, there was the pimp. The book that brought black literature to the streets is back to show the Hip Hop generation what it’s all about, where they came from. By telling the story of one man’s struggles and triumphs in an underground world, this book shows the game doesn’t change—it just has a different swagger. Iceberg Slim's story is depicted in a major motion picture—Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp shows Slim's transformation from pimp to the author of 7 classic books.

As real as you can get without jumping in, this is the story of Slim’s life as he saw, felt, tasted, and smelled it. Only he could tell this story and make the reader feel it. If you thought Hustle & Flow was the true pimp story, this book is where it all began. This is the heyday of the pimp, the hard-won pride and glory, small though it may be; the beginnings of pimp before it was dragged in front of the camera, before pimp juice and pimp style. A trip through hell by one man who lived to tell the tale. The dangers of jail, addiction and death that are still all too familiar for today’s black community. Though it is a tale of his times, it will remain current and true for as long as there is a race bias, as long as there is a street life, as long as there is exploitation.

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  • Great story of redemption!

    By Blhessedwun
    This book took me into a world that I have never experienced, but was always curious about how it all worked. Iceberg Slim described his life, which showed how he got his start as a Pimp, but he did not glorify it, in fact, he basically advised against this way of life. He did a great job of walking the reader through his thought process, and how he left that life and found fulfillment. I will be reading the rest of his books.
  • Tight book

    By Mr bojangles Stl
    This was a good book and it shows how a pimp went through some tough times. Pimpin is alive and well even in these times, tricks love these tramps and will do anything for some flap.
  • A great book to find out how women think

    By 2.0 WOLF
    This book was absolutely written. It also gave me a great insight as to how women think. He used to many GED worms, assessment that there are no walls with this book. The beginning is a little confusing but if you buy through it you will not regret.
  • The Don (AKA DJF)

    By Fin is in
    The Most Powerful Book I Ever Read! Lessons On Life! Iceberg Purged His Soul Totally!
  • Grammatical errors

    By B'maculate
    “She bad no idea of the lesbian kick, so naturally she couldn’t know she was a target.” Instead of "She had no idea of the lesbian kick, so..." You understand my drift. Get it fix because I was really debating on whether I should download it on my iPod or go to B&N to pick it up.
  • Pimp

    By Hodgey1978
    Great book
  • Chuuch

    By DaRedMack
    The game is still relevant ...
  • Excellent

    By Bowling magic
    Truth and consequences.
  • Pimp

    By T.C. The Great
    It's not always pretty but it's always real. This book tells a story of a man that became a legend in the secret society of Pimps and ho's. You travel back in time where you see the birth of the modern Pimp and Hustler. It's dynamic and colorful. A riveting read. A unprecedented look into the mind of this urban legend that had since never been duplicated. A must read for anyone who has the slightest curiosity about any master manipulator and first class motivator.

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