Broke - Glenn Beck


By Glenn Beck

  • Release Date: 2010-10-26
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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User reviews about this book

  • Broke: Glenn Beck is your shepherd

    By olomuchogordo
    Glenn Beck is your shepherd: You shall not think. He leadeth you from the realm of citizenry to vote your selves in to being colonial subjects. Glenn Beck is your shepherd you shall not live as a dignified worker in his vision of a perfect world. Reverend Jerome will never preach to the choir I only do outreach missionary work in the intellectually impoverished world. If you let private interest run roughshod over public resources you will really have something to cry about. Please don't say that I never gave you a heads up after you voted your country in to being a third world nation.
  • Bravo Beck! Great read!

    By Sticky78
    Highly recommend regardless of party affiliation.
  • Astounding... Ground-Breaking Work

    By Andrew Yatteau
    A stirring review of our history's baggage, moral and economical. Beck clearly outlines the devious tactics of progressives in both parties, as well as common sense solutions to our problems today. A must-read for all those not seeking to be "led blindly to the slaughter."
  • An embarrasment!

    By Mr. Opinionated
    All educated persons must be appalled at the divisiveness in this poorly assembled book. Truly terrible.
  • Read the book before commenting

    By Gremlinus
    Does anyone read these books before deciding what they are about? Apple please change the policies. I want book reviews not political rhetoric.
  • Awesome

    By ChaseHughes
    I don't always agree with Glen, but this book is well worth the read. Very enraging and enlightening.
  • For hornsup

    By Got to be kidim
    You are very , I'm sorry, I mean in he least bit educated in that we (US govt) can't as you say , raise taxes to pay off debts, if we give large breaks for buying American, as these companies are our largest tax payers. We need to and have begun to (this year) correct the "breaks for buying American" theory by giving breaks for American research and development of products which truly creates jobs and raises our exports as other parts of the world try to purchase the new American made products. When we buy American this makes US companies stronger therefore they no longer need said tax breaks to create jobs.
  • Read your history

    By run4jc
    Why do we have to constantly make this a 'Republican versus Democrat' issue. Have you read the book? There's enough blame to go around! Beck blames the last Bush almost as much as Obama. If you actually read the book you'll see that Beck picks no party's ACTIONS that he is reporting on and evaluating. Here are some suggestions that have no party affliliation: Read the Constitution Read History Study basic economics Then read "Broke" Then report back.
  • Common Sense?

    By HornsUp
    Republicans love theories. For example: Tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs. The Bush tax cuts have been in effect for about a decade, taxes are at their lowest levels since the 1950's but this has been the most dismal decade of job creation in our nations history - in defiance of all conservative "common sense". Consumer spending creates jobs, tax breaks create wealth for the wealthy. You want a common sense solution to the mess in Washington? 1. Cut spending everywhere: entitlements, military - everywhere there is a penny to be saved. 2. Pay for it: once you cut spending to the bone, raise taxes until everything is paid for. 3 Reward spending over saving: buy a yacht or a private jet and it's tax deductible, squirrel it away and pay more in taxes. 4. Reform healthcare every 5 years instead of every 50 years: our policies need to keep up with changes in that market segment. 5. End our dependence on oil period: as supply decreases and demand increases it's only going to get worse people. 6. Buy American: reward companies that reward us in return. Tax imports heavily to level the playing field. 7. Change the tax code: make it as progressive as it needs to be until virtually anyone working a 40 hour week is living above poverty. You want to end welfare? Make work pay better than public assistance. See? Anybody can write in theory. Beck is no more qualified to solve our nations problems than I am. For reals!
  • To you ignorant haters

    By kdawgwilk
    All I read in your idiotic reviews is your pathetic excuses for not having the courage to do anything yourselves! You say that us beck followers are the only thing hurting America? Then tell me where this country is headed! And how we are making it worse! And if you still think the same. Then why don't you do something more than sit on your couch and write worthless reviews about a book you've never even read and support your own opinion!

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