Dog Myths: What You Believe about Dogs Can Come Back to Bite You! - Garrett Stevens

Dog Myths: What You Believe about Dogs Can Come Back to Bite You!

By Garrett Stevens

  • Release Date: 2018-03-21
  • Genre: Pets
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Dog Myths: What You Believe about Dogs Can Come Back to Bite You! Garrett Stevens Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Much of what we've been taught about our dogs' language, their behavior, and their training is simply untrue, or in the very least, unbeneficial! What we believe influences the actions we take. Defining and dismantling industry-wide dog myths concerning their daily interactions with us will greatly help us prevent, reverse, and eliminate poor behavior in our dogs and pups much more than simply adding mainstream training and behavior modification! Did you know that when a dog licks you it is NOT the human equivalent of a kiss? Were you aware that when your dog or puppy flops over and shows his/her belly it does NOT always suggest submission? Did you know that adding obedience does NOT subtract behavior problems? There are so many dog myths plaguing our society and well-meaning owners and their dogs and pups are suffering because of it.

Dog aggression, fear, anxiety and behavioral issues are on the rise in today's world despite the mass influx of dog trainers and behaviorists - Why is that? It's because the addition of obedience and tricks does not necessarily mean the subtraction of undesirable behaviors! We go into this and much more in Dog Myths.

It's high time we STOP giving our dogs a job to do and instead begin to experience dog language and behavior in a more intimate, natural, and meaningful way. Relationships based on respect and trust and canine communication through their senses is the way to the outstanding results and relaxed freedom most dog owners are looking for. The truth is, there is little need for excessive food rewards and there is little need for harsh handling when one can speak the language. The relationship is all important and is a much stronger motivator than simple pleasure or pain could ever be because relationship is an internal motivator. Mainstream behaviorists and trainers hyper-fixate on external motivators. They fail to grasp the spatial language and touching language of our dogs and so they don't tap into the internal motivators. Internal motivation based in relationship, communication, freedom, autonomy, and teamwork will always yeild superior results than external motivation.

There is so much freedom, play and relaxation to be had if we can look beyond these common dog training and behavioral dog myths. There is so much our dogs can teach us, but that cannot happen if they are manipulating and deceiving us through the use of skilled touching. We must learn to lead our dogs like a good parent leads a growing child - into increased levels of maturity and freedom NOT into robotic-like obedience. Our dogs are intelligent enough to perform tricks to either gain pleasure (food) or avoid pain (harsh handling) and STILL manipulate control of the household. Our dogs are so socially intelligent they can work and perform for us and still remain aggressive, fearful, anxious, hyper, destructive, pushy, rude, et cetera.

Dog Myths will help us get an honest look at man's best friend. In each chapter we clearly identify and then bust to pieces a commonly held yet false belief concerning our dogs and puppies and their interactions with us. Each chapter ends with practical handling techniques to take you and your dog or pup to the next level in your relationship and in your life. If your dog or pup has behavioral issues buy this book! You will be shocked then educated and finally equipped and empowered to create a great life for you and your furry friend.

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User reviews about this book

  • Rediscovering my dog

    By Redhdlp
    I have a Westie and he used to very social and carefree. In the past few years, his anxiety has increased greatly. In an effort to help him, I’m afraid I have made it worse. This book has helped me to see some of the incorrect approaches I’ve been using. It really helps you understand how to try to help your dog more when you think of communicating with them in a way they may understand. I hope to learn how to implement these approaches and help my dog be the best he can be and not so afraid and anxious.
  • Dog Myths is Great

    By George Hen
    An easy read but a shocking one! This book delves into our dogs’ behaviors and how we, as people, often interpret it poorly. The dogs in return then manipulate us and develop or simply maintain poor behaviors as a result of imbalanced relationship and bad interspecies communication! “The addition of obedience and training doesn’t necessarily mean the subtraction of behavioral problems” is a groundbreaking concept. Read the book - then tell everyone you know about it. This could be the future
  • Excited

    By bobbinweezy
    Fantastic read so far….If you have a dog, you need this book! If you don’t have a dog, you need this book to know about your neighbors, families and friends dogs! It’s unlike the mainstream dog training books out there. Garrett knows how to use words to express his passion for your dogs and to help you have a better relationship with them! Enjoyable read filled with knowledge, humor and great info to bring calmness into your homes.
  • Dog myths

    By Mallibaby
    I got an early copy of the complete manuscript so can give a review on the complete book. Different from typical training/behavior modification, this book will greatly benefit your relationship with your dog. It is eye-opening and educational in a fun, easy to read way. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Anticipation

    By rgr8e
    Being a dog lover, I’m excited to read this book. The author is a renowned trainer in the area. Will update my review upon completion, but I anticipate a great read based upon his reputation.

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