Once Upon A Sure Thing - Lauren Blakely

Once Upon A Sure Thing

By Lauren Blakely

  • Release Date: 2018-09-24
  • Genre: Contemporary
Once Upon A Sure Thing book review score

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 103 Ratings)

Once Upon A Sure Thing Lauren Blakely Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

It's so easy being best friends with a gorgeous, talented, charming guy.
Said no woman ever. Except me.
My friendship with Miller is a sure thing — he’s my plus one, my emergency contact, and my shoulder to lean on. He’s also been by my side helping me raise one helluva awesome kid who’s the center of my world.
Nothing will change our easy breezy friendship. Until I have the bright idea to convince him to start a new band with me.
Trouble is, our sizzling chemistry in the recording studio is getting harder to ignore, no matter how risky it might be.
Sing sexy songs with the woman you’ve been lusting after? Get up close and personal as you croon to the woman you’ve wanted for years?
Piece of cake. 
Performing with the sweet, sassy and insanely wonderful Ally is like one gigantic obstacle course of challenges for my libido. And my libido is one sexy love song away from kissing her senseless and taking her home.
But, I’m not a serious kind of guy, and she’s not a one-night-stand kind of woman. If we cross the horizontal line, we might risk our sure thing and end up out of tune forever...

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User reviews about this book

  • So in love!

    By lmpanthermom
    I am so in love with this story! Could not put it down. The connection, the banter...complete perfection.
  • A swoony friends to lovers by the queen of the rom com!

    By gabbysreading
    Welp, just another Lauren Blakely book that had me falling head over heels in love. The second book in the Heartbreakers series is so sweet and sexy. I know that if I ever need a pick me up I should look no further than Once Upon a Sure Thing. Seriously, the happy feels I got while reading and after finishing this book is all I ever want to feel. Ally and Miller have insane chemistry! I was so completely enamored with their relationship from the very first interaction. No one writes a friends to lovers quite as well as Lauren Blakely. Their fun and flirty banter was everything!! Quick and addicting, I never wanted it to end. Even before they gave into their desires, it felt like Ally and Miller were meant to be. I am a total fangirl for Hashtag ZimmerHart/ Other Uses for Ribbons/ Hot Stuff. I am obsessed with Miller's happy deposition. He's such a good and joyful guy. You can't help but smile when he appears on the page. Whether he's boat racing with his "little brother" Jackson, singing carols with his brothers, or having skittles taste test with a clerk at the Office of Public Records, Miller Hart was melting my heart into a puddle of love and lust. I feel like Lauren has really upped her game when it comes to the sex scenes. HOLY HOTNESS!! I feel like a standing ovation is necessary here. Any book that can cause an audible, prolonged "fuuuuck" to escape my mouth deserves all the praise. Ribbons and pianos y'all. Ribbons and pianos!! Phew, I need to fan myself just thinking about it. Lauren Blakely is knocking it out of the park with this series. I looooove Once Upon a Real Good Time and Once Upon a Sure Thing. I can't wait until we get Miles story. Swoon. Three sexy musician brothers. Does it get any better?
  • Banter & Chemistry = Entertaining

    By DecGrl88
    I really loved this one! Best friends to lovers isn’t usually my favorite trope, but I just adored Ally and I also really liked Miller. I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. This review is for an ARC, and reflects my honest opinion. So I wasn’t 100% sure about Miller at first, because he was kind of like a big kid, but he was such a sweetheart, and a great friend/brother. Ally was also a sweetheart, and what she has done for Chloe was amazing. It made me love her even more. The banter, and eventually the chemistry, between these two was so entertaining to read. I loved seeing characters from the previous book (Campbell, Samantha, Mackenzie, Roxy, etc.). And I’ve got to say, I can’t wait to get my hands on the last book in this trilogy…although I’ll be sad once I’m done reading about these characters. The books are a delight, and such easy reads. You could definitely read each in one sitting if you wanted to, and had the time. The epilogues were super cute, and the thing that happened towards the end of the book made me super excited to see what happens next musically for the brothers. I’ve loved Campbell, and Miller, so I can’t wait to see how much I love Miles! I highly recommend you go and read these books, because they’ll make you smile and swoon.
  • Love this Series! Ally and Miller’s story is Amazing

    By Fairest Reviews
    Friends-to-lovers’ romances are definitely my thang and the way Lauren Blakely crafts Miller and Ally’s story proves that, despite the characters’ fears, their foundation as friends is an amazing building block for more, which means that their misgivings may have been warranted, but they didn’t need to overthink the damage that could possibly be done because it’s more than obvious that these two would fight to keep their connection flourishing, in whatever capacity that meant for them. I love the ease of Miller and Ally’s friendship; the support they constantly provide each other. There’s something so natural about it, and those strong feelings of friendship can easily turn to more given the subtle feelings that seem to spark between them. And let me tell you…when these two go all in - THEY GO ALL IN. There’s no second-guessing…no shy exchanges; in fact, Miller and Ally’s friendship and strong connection transfers to their physical relationship and growing intimacy, illustrating all the ways these two can show each other just how they feel about what they’re building, both personally and professionally. Miller’s personality resonates off of the pages; his love for music and life is almost contagious because the way he shares his passion and goes about rebuilding a singing career that he’s missed illustrates exactly who he is and who and what he finds value in. Lauren Blakely allows readers to see the many diverse sides of him, the playful friend one, the sexy rockstar, the obnoxious younger brother, so we truly understand who he is at his core and recognize that there’s more to Miller than his good looks and his musical prowess. I have to say that Ally is definitely in contention for one of my all-time favorite Lauren Blakely heroines. She’s so down-to-earth and authentic; she doesn’t try to be someone who she’s not and the way she cares for and loves Chloe is so heartfelt. I love getting inside her head and hearing some of her unsuspecting, less than friendly thoughts about her bff, and then when she and Miller decide to pursue their passions together in a number of significant ways, it’s more than entertaining to witness her realizations and to see her get lost inside her thoughts when her heart seems to want one thing while her head tells her another. She’s a refreshing heroine who many readers will ‘get’ which makes connecting to her and her story that much easier. Like in most of Blakey’s books/series, the secondary characters play a significant role in the story line and in the lives of the main characters, and that continues to be the case in Blakey’s Heartbreakers series, and as the circle of friends and family members grows, the main characters’ interactions with them, the advice they share, and the bonds they build just add another layer to the lives they’re living. Once Upon a Sure Thing, book two in Lauren Blakey’s Heartbreakers series, further illustrates why Blakely dominates the romantic comedy genre and why she’s an absolute must read and instant one-click author for romance readers like me. I’m beyond excited for Miles’ book! I can’t wait to see what Blakely has in store for this sexy rocker. 4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
  • Heartbreakers #2!!

    By StephanieRV
    This is Once Upon A Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely. Miller is another former member of the teen brother band and he sorely misses it. When he decides to start singing with someone new he posts an ad. Ally has been his best friend for six years and she needs to find a way to bring home more money. How can Ally get a chance to audition? Smoke and mirrors help her get a chance. Will Miller choose her to audition with? How will he feel when he finds out that she has been trying to deceive him? Ally is also a mother to Chloe, which adds lots of complications to the situation. Can they create beautiful music together? Will it last? Can things get even more complicated?? Of course they can! I loved it, as usual!
  • Sweet and Sexy

    By LKKtechie
    Be still my heart!! Lauren Blakely has another runaway hit on her hands! Miller and Ally are one HOT couple. I totally loved book 1 of this new series, The Heartbreakers. I found book 2 to be just as great with something extra. Not exactly sure what Miller did with my heart but he captured it, I couldn’t put it down. Miller Hart is one-third of the former teen rock band, The Heartbreakers. Miller is absolutely swoon-worthy, handsome, heart-of-gold, excellent at dirty talk, and extremely talented between the sheets. For years Miller has been trying to get his brothers’ to re-unite but to no avail. At his brother’s suggestion Miller puts out an ad for a female partner. Ally Zimmerman has been Miller’s best friend for six years. Ally is an audiobook narrator and a YouTube singing sensation. To be able to continue to send her niece, Chloe, to school she needs this new gig with Miller. Ally surprises Miller her new vocal abilities with a LOT of sexy thrown in the mix. They decide to give this new duo a trial run (aka time limit). Both, Ally and Miller, begin to acknowledge their feelings for one another. They decide to embark on friends-with-benefits zone. But will they be willing to accept and truly acknowledge that they could be a forever family? No spoilers here. Read for yourself. PS-Chloe is super sweet girl who stole my heart too!! I wholeheartedly recommend Once Upon a Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 5 stars*****
  • 5 Heartbreakers Stars!!

    By easwain
    The Heartbreakers men will steal your Heart! Elizabeth @ Carolina Chic's Read 5 Heartbreakers STARS! Miller and Ally are the best friends to lovers that you are rooting for and I am certainly in love. If the Heartbreakers were making music for real I would be front row, but for now I'll be front row for this series! Ally is sexy, sweet and sincere and is that girl you fall in love with slowly and that is what Miller does. It's sure has been fun to watch... and HOT!!!
  • Loved it ❤️

    By Sandra Two Book Pushers
    Once Upon a Sure Thing is the second book in the Heartbreakers series by the ever-talented Lauren Blakely. It can be read as a standalone but I do highly recommend reading Once Upon a Real Good Time. That is where I was introduced to Miller, the middle brother to Campbell and Miles aka The other Heartbreakers/bandmates. I also got a glimpse into his friendship with Ally. Thank you Lauren for not making us wait long for their story. Miller and Ally have been best friends since the day they met six years ago. It was an instant kind of friendship that has meant everything to them. They are each other’s rocks. Their first phone calls with happy or sad news. They have never crossed the line to anything more than a close friendship until now... Ally wants a challenge. Miller wants to start a new band. She wants in. He doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Being a duo could do exactly that especially since he has been thinking about her in a different light lately. A light that wants her naked. Under him. Bent over a desk. In the shower. Anywhere and everywhere. Mixing business with pleasure is a bad idea. Right? Even if they sound amazing in the studio. The chemistry is off the charts hot. Everyone else sees it as well. They would be epic on stage but is it worth the risk? Ally is used to Miller’s naughty banter so why does it seem different now. Like he is directing it toward her and not just him being Miller, the natural flirt. It is making her head spin. Not only because of the new way he is looking at her but the way she feels when she is around him. Hot and bothered. She always knew her best friend was gorgeous, sweet, protective, and an all-round amazing guy but this is different. She wants the challenge of something new but can they make music together in and out of the bedroom and keep their friendship? Omg...this book! It is everything I love about a Blakely book. The banter. The fun. The heat. The passion for their careers. The passion for each other. The family bonds. The sweet goodies. I loved Miller in the first book but I fell hard for him in one. And Ally! She is rockstar in every sense of the word. She really is. Together, they made me laugh, cry, and flushed. Overall...I love Miller & Ally! They are flirty, sexy, fun, and they make me want to blast my music. It really does make everything better. P.S. I have my own rockstar named Ally and she cracks me up daily. Love that kid. Quotes: “I don’t understand why there are so many ribbons.” Miller leans in close and whispers, “The better to tie you up with, my pretty.” Singing with her is the cruelest torture, and it’s killing me not to grab her and yank her against me during every verse. “Let’s pretend it’s two in the morning,” he whispers against my mouth.
  • A Sure Read!

    By WendyR26
    I am enjoying the Heartbreakers series! It is a perfect mix of steamy, sweet, funny, and romantic. And of course it is about three rock star brothers. What more can you ask for?! The second book is about Miller and it’s a friends-to-lovers story. Miller and Ally were a great couple. They had such a great easy friendship and that set the perfect foundation for more to come. There was an underlying attraction there and it was fascinating to see it come to fruition. I loved how the music brought them together. The chemistry, the banter, the relationship made these two the best. I just loved seeing them interact. I also enjoyed the relationship between the brothers. It was love and fun and I loved that. A wonderful sibling relationship. Overall, a splendid story. This was a great light-hearted, fun, sexy read. I can’t wait for Miles’ book.
  • Hot Stuff hits the charts

    By StephLoveReads
    The Hart brothers are back in this friends to lovers romance from Lauren Blakely. Miller Hart has tried everything since the break up of The Heartbreakers. Restless to finally move on and start to move on, he starts to look for a female vocalist to start a band. When he hears the sultry sound of Honey Violets audition tape he must get together to see about making music together. He’s shocked when his best friend Ally shows up as Honey Violet. Things have not worked in the past when he has worked with friends, he hesitates to take Ally as his new singing partner. Ally continues to be disappointed in her work because she is being told that her voice sounds like a teenager. Difficulty to break through into Adult Romance readings, she continues different vocal techniques. What’s more different than becoming the new partner in Millers band. When she finally proves that she can have that sultry voice, the deal is to see if they can make things work for a period of time without messing up their friendship. Because nothing can mess up their friendship. When both of their heads start jamming up their feelings and focus they need to decide where they are going. I loved Miller and Ally’s story.

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