Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings - Michelle Fox, Gwen Knight, Rebecca Rivard, Tami Lund, Julia Mills, Kristen Strassel, Ever Coming, Jennifer James, Skye Jones, Rosalie Redd, Susan Griscom & T.L. Reeve

Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings

By Michelle Fox, Gwen Knight, Rebecca Rivard, Tami Lund, Julia Mills, Kristen Strassel, Ever Coming, Jennifer James, Skye Jones, Rosalie Redd, Susan Griscom & T.L. Reeve

  • Release Date: 2017-09-25
  • Genre: Paranormal
Book Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Book Review and summary Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings Michelle Fox, Gwen Knight, Rebecca Rivard, Tami Lund, Julia Mills, Kristen Strassel, Ever Coming, Jennifer James, Skye Jones, Rosalie Redd, Susan Griscom & T.L. Reeve

Indulge in a darkly decadent and sinfully sensual world. A world where vampires are real, rich and hungry, a world where Blood Courtesans satisfy all their needs. Come, let fangs slip into your throat and awaken you to a whole new life. A boxed set of BRAND NEW stories in this popular series.

Warning! This isn't your momma's vampire romance. It's not Twilight or the Shade, either. It's Blood Courtesans: Luxury, fast cars, adventure, whirlwind romance and cold, hard fangs.

REVEALED by Michelle Fox: My target is a vampire with a name fit for a Greek God--Zopyros Persopoulos--and he looks the part too. He runs Datagenex and it's his DNA database that will reveal why my blood kills vampires. I just need to get him alone and not fall into that smoldering gaze of his that makes me feel like I'm on fire.

EXPOSED by Gwen Knight: Asher promises that he can help me bring justice to those responsible for my sister's murder. But in exchange, I need to become his courtesan.

COMPELLED by Rebecca Rivard: He's a vampire. She's a slayer. They can't fall in love, can they?

SACRIFICE by Kristen Strassel: Pierce ripped Olivia out of the arms of the coven's biggest enemy. To earn his trust, the newly-turned vampire must serve as his blood courtesan.

ETERNITY by Tami Lund: I was a Blood Courtesans, until my vampire ended our contract and swore to stay away from me forever more. Now I'm in trouble and he's the only one who can help, but will he come?

CONDEMNED by Julia Mills: It's now or never. My brother is sentenced to die for a crime he didn't commit. His only hope is an attorney who's also a vampire, but his price is nonnegotiable -my body and my blood. This is about survival, not love or happily ever after - or is it?

CONCEALED by Rosalie Redd: I'm a new blood courtesan and my first client is a vampire other courtesans avoid. Although Gavin Morris sends a chill down my spine, my shivers aren't from fear...

RELIC by TL Reeve I never thought I would need a vampire. But, after mymom steals a priceless artifact from the New Orleans Coven, I become a pawn intheir dirty game. In order to survive, I have to do the one thing I promisedmyself I'd never do.

EMBOLDENED by Ever Coming: Jasper came roaring into my life almost two decadesago when he rescued me from certain death. Now it's my turn to save the sexyvampire. Only problem is, he doesn't want my help.

UNDONE by Skye Jones: I hate rich people and vampires, so when I meet adrop dead handsome man that is both, I want to despise him. But I need his helpand put my principals to one side. What starts out as a way of securing myfreedom becomes so much more, and soon I'm in too deep mind, body, and soul.

REFRAIN by Susan Griscom: My first Blood Courtesan client turns out to be theman of my dreams, the sexy-as-sin vampire rock star I've lusted after since Iwas a teen, but he wants nothing to do with me or what I have to offer, but making him accept me may be the only way for me to stay alive.

Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings Michelle Fox, Gwen Knight, Rebecca Rivard, Tami Lund, Julia Mills, Kristen Strassel, Ever Coming, Jennifer James, Skye Jones, Rosalie Redd, Susan Griscom & T.L. Reeve epub; Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings Michelle Fox, Gwen Knight, Rebecca Rivard, Tami Lund, Julia Mills, Kristen Strassel, Ever Coming, Jennifer James, Skye Jones, Rosalie Redd, Susan Griscom & T.L. Reeve read online; Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings read online; read Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings; Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings by Michelle Fox, Gwen Knight, Rebecca Rivard, Tami Lund, Julia Mills, Kristen Strassel, Ever Coming, Jennifer James, Skye Jones, Rosalie Redd, Susan Griscom & T.L. Reeve eBOOK; Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings ePUB; Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings book review; book recommendations; Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings Audiobook; Michelle Fox, Gwen Knight, Rebecca Rivard, Tami Lund, Julia Mills, Kristen Strassel, Ever Coming, Jennifer James, Skye Jones, Rosalie Redd, Susan Griscom & T.L. Reeve; Paranormal books;.

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  • Thrilling collection!

    By Cali Jewel
    This is a set of 11 highly entertaining, emotionally thrilling and action packed romantic adventures between Vampires and their Courtesans. Each story is weaved in worlds that are both beautiful and terrifying. The cheaters are unique, intriguing, passionate and gripping. While not all 11 stories are 5 stars they all were 4 stars for me. Very enjoyable reads that I can escape reality and enjoy some down time away from the every day. Defiantly recommend to any vampire story lover out there.
  • An awesome box set by a great group of writers

    By melissa ferryman
    This is a wonderful box set of a great series!! I've been reading the Blood Courtesans series from the beginning and all but a couple were really good reads. This box set is no different. The writing flows. I only found a couple of grammar/punctuation errors but it didn't take anything away from the story being told. They have mystery, suspense, strong H/h, good dialogue, action and romance. My favorites were by Julia Mills, Skye Jones, Michelle Fox, Tami Lund, Rebecca Rivard and Gwen Knight. I definitely recommend this box set!! You will not be disappointed. I received a free pre-release copy for my honest opinion.
  • Excellent vampire box set

    By singneon
    Revealed by Michelle Fox***** Violet is a smart scientist but she is no match for Pyros. In her effort to try to get Pyros attention she innocently draws the attention of another evil vampire. The very vampire she is stalking becomes her only escape. Violet is willing to take a risk but gets in way over her head, the reasoning for the data is justified but she is so desperate that her thinking isn't clear. I like her and her determination to discover the science side of vampires. Pyros is like a knight in shining armor & a drill sergeant, lol. Both are equally blindsided by their attraction, I am so glad that Violet was upfront with him, (that holding secrets until the end of the story theme to create drama is so played out for me) they are immediately challenged which is the true drama in their story and test more than DNA. Exposed by Gwen Knight***** I enjoyed reading Zoe & Asher's story. Zoe is a reporter driven to solve the murder mystery of her sister and Asher is fighting against the drug crimes in Chicago. Since Zoe is definitely grieving she makes some emotional decisions that get her in a heap of trouble but what I really like about her is she never gives up, she's a spitfire & is also bold enough to admit her attraction to Asher in spite of her hatred of vampires, lol. Asher is so cool, calm and patient until Zoe gets herself in a little (BIG) trouble. Another excellent vampire romance!!! Compelled by Rebecca Rivard**** This is very good too, kind of like a sleeping with the enemy theme. Bard & Cerise are meant for one another though she has to be convinced. I like that about him, he's willingness to have his woman regardless of what others may want/think. There were a few things I wish the author would have elaborated on a bit more but this has its own unique, very entertaining and interesting plot. Eternity by Tami Lund*** From rejection to eternity. Parnell loves Abigail so much that he has decided that it's best to let her go, he thinks she is too young to live the vampire life. This was just an ok read when comparing it to the others in this series. I read Resist and it was pretty good, this reads like a continuation of that instead of being more centralized on Parnell & Abby. Condemned by Julia Mills *****+ Wow, this is definitely one of the best in the box set. Bonnie will sacrifice being a courtesan in order to save the life of her brother. Remy is totally alpha from the moment he sets his eyes on her and is more than willing to help save her brother if she is willing to pay the price of being his courtesan for 30 days. He is so impatient and anxious to have her and even her attraction to him is undeniable though she tries real hard to save face. Things quickly get a lot more serious though and they quickly figure out they have more than an attraction to fight. Shocking twist, turns and revelations that kept me glued to my tablet, lol. Absolutely love every page of this, if I could give it more than 5 stars I definitely would!!! Sacrifice by Kristen Strassel** I couldn't get into this one, it started out gloomy and after she should have a second chance she just received more rejection. I felt sorry for her and wish she could of had more happiness in her story. Pierce even seemed cold and reluctant to help her and it appeared to be more of an obligation for the sake of the coven instead but he did try to accept her a tad more than the other supporting characters. Refrain by Susan Griscom***** Neriza has been in love with Lyric since being a teenager, having a contract with him is like a dream come true...for her. Lyric doesn't do virgins and think he has the willpower to resist her for 6 months. He's determined he won't, she's determined they will. His refrain is admirable but his sacrifice is at a very high price. Neriza doesn't even realize the dangerous connections she has until they come full circle, that was a shocking twist. Such a well written vampire romance, their chemistry and his willpower builds the anticipation level, her predicament is heartwarming, her determination to have Lyric has no boundaries, he's smitten. I love that they find their forever love even though they are surrounded by betrayal. I also like that Lyric could just take what he desperately needs but he chooses otherwise & that their story isn't flooded with violence. Relic by TL Reeve**** Good story, I wish it was a little longer but I still enjoyed it. It was suspenseful and interesting. Cyra is strong-willed and independent & Kade is confident, sexy and drawn to this spitfire surrounded by danger not of her own making. Cyra is a tad reluctant but Kade is irresistible and the protection she not only needs but can't refuse. Their journey is dangerous, full of love and deceit. My review is only for the stories I had read thus far, I will add the rest as completed.
  • I love these extraordinary women and the vamps that love them

    By Contessajj
    In Revealed Violet is just trying to expand her knowledge by getting to look at vampire mogul Zopyros' Datagenix data. But this geek girl gets in way over her head. I love that Violet is smart and pretty though she doesn't know it. Pyros at first comes off as jaded and cynical, but Violet eventually gets under his skin. But she has secrets, will they prove deadly? Maybe to both of them? This story is humorous, Violet can even make fun of herself, and it moves quickly so just read and enjoy the ride. Exposed finds Zoe out for revenge for the death of her sister. I liked the instant attraction between Zoe and Asher, even if they wouldn't immediately act on it. This "world" draws you in, the vamps have some different abilities and Zoe is a newbie learning it all. This story could have been really sad but instead it's hopeful and a fun read. Eternity is a long time for regret. Especially when it disrupts what could be a forever relationship. An HEA looks to be unattainable and then Abby finds out baddies come in human as well as vampire forms. This story is somewhat melancholy but also a very sexy read. Emboldened reminds me of the culmination of an epic love story. We have seen these characters in previous books and get their beginning in flashbacks, but the true love between Jasper and Victoria is well played here. Of course there is also a baddie to combat and a fun update on Bob/Arabella. This is a really heartfelt read and just makes you smile. In Relic Cyra is a self made woman, going to college, working, and supporting herself. When vampires come after her who better to help than another vampire. Kade is "old world" but aren't all vamps. Their struggle to prove her innocence of course leads to more. My favorite part of this book is Cyra's snark. She comes off as a real bada$$, but underneath she's all vulnerable woman.
  • Wonderful Anthology Featuring A Medical Romance By Michelle Fox

    By Lisa Bateman
    Blood courtesans My review is for Revealed by Michelle Fox. As I read the other stories I will add to this. I’m sure they’re all 5 Stars. I just love all the Blood Courtesan books ever written. This one is the best I’ve read. I’m a lab tech so it was right up my alley when Violet was doing research and talking about Lupus and stuff. I also have an autoimmune disease. It was interesting how Michelle worked that in, along with some other things I won’t say because I don’t want to ruin the story. Pyros was one super hot vampire. I really liked how Violet was her own person and all for research and not just a wallflower. There were times I would laugh so hard. This was the perfect blend of romances and humor, along with a touch of medical.

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