Light and Dark are Turning - Christiana Miller & Griffin Ced

Light and Dark are Turning

By Christiana Miller & Griffin Ced

  • Release Date: 2017-06-07
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
Book Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Book Review and summary Light and Dark are Turning Christiana Miller & Griffin Ced

This book contains CERRIDWEN’S CAULDRON (the Crown of Fire prequel) and LIGHT AND DARK ARE TURNING, which is comprised of The Child of Promise, The Serpent Ascending and In The Garden Of Good And Evil, pt. 1.


When Tali, a young stable hand, gets lost in the woods, he’s relieved to run into his employer’s wife. As she disrobes, his relief quickly turns to thoughts of lust and forbidden desires. However, this night isn’t going to turn out like anything he’s ever experienced. Soon, he’s plunged into a horror beyond imagining, as the Lady Mary McBain commits him, body and soul, into the service of the Old Gods.


“The Child of Promise comes. But is this the child of our salvation? Or the demon child of our demise?” Andrew is the reason Tali has undergone unspeakable horrors, from being buried alive to being reborn into a world centuries away from everything and everyone he knew. Andrew has a very special gift—a gift the world will need to survive—a gift that is being exploited by the adults around him, for profit. If Tali has any hope of saving the world in this chaotic time, he must find Andrew before the world of corruption and greed breaks the boy.

The last book in the Crown of Fire series is LUCK BE IN THE BURNING, which will be released in 2018.


Tali initiates Andrew into the hidden world of the Mysteries of Old, giving him a rite of passage like no other, as the Apocalypse draws closer. Tali must guide Andrew through unspeakable tragedy, into the Valley of Temptation and through the terrifying gauntlet of Old Gods, so that Andrew can fully claim his legacy. As political upheaval changes the dynamics of the world, time and fate will be twisted inside out as Andrew and Tali struggle to give humanity a second chance. (To be released January 2018)

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