The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse - Maria Emmerich

The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse

By Maria Emmerich

  • Release Date: 2016-12-27
  • Genre: Special Diet
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User reviews about this book

  • Ready to Kick the Carb Monster

    By theschnecki
    You have arrived at reading the reviews and probably have this book in your shopping cart. By now, you know and completely understand that diets don’t work, but life changes do. And, you fully comprehend that carbs are the culprit, good fats are not, but you are not sure how to get to the other side, cross the bridge, and embrace the Keto lifestyle without ever looking back. The 30-Day Cleanse is only one month of a commitment, that’s it. 28 lousy days, packed with some of the most incredible food and after which you will feel better and will certainly drop some of those nasty pounds. Just 28-Days! But getting out of the carb and sugar trap isn’t easy, but you already knew that. Our addiction to processed foods, create carb monsters, and now it’s time to let this monster go, kick it to the curb, and let it get run over by a bus. I have been on Keto almost a year, and have dropped a lot of weight, gained so much more confidence and feel like I’m in my 30’s again (almost 50). I run several 5K’s a week, and at 5’7” I can easily fit back into a size 6. I finally have all my energy back. I was done being tired, and done eating foods I just didn’t like, and riding the diet roller coaster. Ketogenics is a sustainable life change and way of eating. If you’re still associating the word “diet” with it, you’ll quickly discover you’re dead wrong. 
Keto is a commitment, you can't be 90% in and 10% still eating wheat, sugar and processed foods. It won't work. And if you believe you can't live without your precious traditional bread, this way of eating is not for you. If you're ready for change, however, this book will help you get started, and segway you into a better and more delicious way to eat. Maria’s recipe’s will are never dull. They are creative and I love how she entices you to step out of your comfort zone to try new and different foods. I ate each and every one of them on the cleanse, and all were delicately balanced, fun, and absolutely tasty. If you are a seasoned cook, this will also test your new way of creating outstanding dishes that everybody in your family will enjoy. No separate cooking required during this time, even for kids. In our family, everybody enjoyed the food. Win. During the cleanse a little prep work can go a long way. Read the recipes, cut and chop whatever you can on the day prior to your cleanse weeks, many foods can be precooked or frozen (i.e. parsley, onions etc.). But also learn that this is not fast food, this is slow food. Enjoy preparing food that will nourish your body, and use the time while preparing your food, to reflect on what’s to come. Good food! And food is essential to life, and good food is essential to a happy life.
  • Message Great - Book Design very Difficult to Read on iPad or computer

    By CambriaOne
    I have just begun the program and actually love the results. However, the book is very difficult to read. The layout is designed better for print than device. I have tried to read it on my iPad and the text is very small. The format will not allow a single page view so you always end up viewing two pages… one of which is a full page photo. Lovely presentation but because they used a small type on the information side and take half the screen for a photo on the right it is very difficult to read. If I enlarge the view on my device it requires constant scrolling both left to right and up and down. Very poorly designed for use on electronic device and frustrating. Buy the hard copy!
  • This book is her best yet!!!

    By jeneez
    I love this book! It's honest and straight forward. As you are reading the book you feel like Maria is there guiding you. She wants you succeed at lose weight and gaining health. Also the recipes are delicious! I hated to cook before I started cooking Maria's recipes. Now I love to cook! My husband and kids love her recipes too.

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