Overwatch#2 - Matt Burns & Nesskain


By Matt Burns & Nesskain

  • Release Date: 2016-11-17
  • Genre: Graphic Novels
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 938 Ratings)
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Dragon Slayer,” the second in our series of free digital comics, chronicles an adventure of Overwatch’s knight of a bygone age, Reinhardt. An old soul who’s spent most of his life on the battlefield, Reinhardt tirelessly continues his noble quest to fight for justice. When Reinhardt comes across a village that’s being threatened by a vicious gang known as the Dragons, he picks up his massive hammer and does what any true knight would: protect those who cannot defend themselves.

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  • 5 stats

    By xNitefox Senpal
    Omg as such a fan of overwatch I must say that they did so good with Reinhardt’s personality to the game. Just like from the animated short he always has that can do attitude and the woman not sure of her name is always putting sense into Reinhardt’ brain such a great comic well It together 5 stars
  • Over watch is great

    By overwatchking
    Great book if you play the game it’s so much better
  • Good book

    By Snowyowl1255
    It’s got some humor and it comes with a game the only bad thing is the fact that righnheart is too small
  • Overwacht

    By ydoydyd
    Pretty good for overwacht fans
  • I love the overwatch comics

    By Skateboard freak
    There should fun to read deals like in actually in the comics them selfs
  • overwatch Overwatch OVERWATCH

    By Brunotbb
    Great story! Very entertaining and enjoyable to read! I love this so much!
  • Good book

    By Vorysgaming
    What the title said
  • Overwatch

    By HendoBoston
    There's not enough pages in this book
  • My review

    By ConeHead45
    I liked this comic, based on my favorite character. I am looking forward to reading more of the comics
  • OverRead this book!

    By Devamom3
    This book is so amazing that I have made this title and I'm making this truthful. Defiantly would recommend getting this book and I am so exited to read this book but I'm continuing making my review so I'm going to keep doing it and so you want to know why? Well it's because I'm lying and this book looks like CRAP!

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