Blue-Collar Billionaires Boxset #1-5 - M. Malone

Blue-Collar Billionaires Boxset #1-5

By M. Malone

  • Release Date: 2016-07-05
  • Genre: Contemporary
Blue-Collar Billionaires Boxset #1-5 book review score

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Blue-Collar Billionaires Boxset #1-5 M. Malone Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Discover the breakout bestselling series that took the USA TODAY bestseller list by storm in 2015! Now get all five books in one collection! A compelling saga about a very eccentric billionaire. 

Series Note: The billionaire genre is enduringly popular despite ignoring the reality that most wealth is inherited not earned. M. Malone breathes life into a familiar trope by asking an intriguing question - what happens when wealth is inherited by a group of rough and tumble, blue-collar guys? And is it possible to have it all without losing your soul? 

Tank Marshall swore off fighting years ago but everything in his life lately is out of control. His mom's cancer is back and the deadbeat dad he hasn’t seen in years is offering an inheritance in exchange for redemption. So he prowls the streets at night, looking for an outlet for the rage. 

There’s only one person that keeps him anchored in the midst of the chaos. One person untouched by violence and money and lies. Emma Shaw. 

But the one thing that Tank hasn’t learned yet is that when billions are at stake, there’s no such thing as innocent. Because the only woman he trusts is the last woman he should. 

Money. Changes. Everything.

Finn Marshall survived several tours in Afghanistan before the billionaire father he barely remembers changed everything. Now he has it all: money, cars and most importantly: power. 

Power to track down the woman who left him for a richer man. 

Marissa Blake dragged herself out of poverty one client at a time, so she's thrilled when her company, Maid-4-U, gets a huge contract for a luxury penthouse. Until she sees who owns it. 

Now to save her struggling business, Finn demands everything she once promised him. Money can't buy him happiness but it can buy him one thing: REVENGE

Gabe Marshall is tall, charming and a successful businessman. He’s also a skilled con artist. Now that he's heir to the billionaire father he never knew, everyone gives him what he wants. Except Sasha Whitman. 

After Sasha is humiliated on national television, she seeks solace in her plans to open a jazz lounge. But she’s not a businesswoman and no one has time to help her except the last man she would ever trust. 

Before long Gabe is matching wits with the one woman who can see through his game. And finding out that all the money in the world can't protect you when the sins of the father pass to the son. 

Zack Marshall may look like a thug but underneath he’s all about family. His brother, Gabe, is the popular one but he’s never envied anything he has. Except for Josephine Harlow.  

From now on Josie Harlow is living life full throttle. First task: find a nude model for her next photo series. Next up: getting rid of her pesky V-card. No more trying to gain her family’s approval. They all think she’s in love with her high school boyfriend. Instead she dreams of his brother, tattooed, Mohawked mechanic Zachary Marshall. 

He annoys her and they fight constantly but worst of all, he only sees her as "Gabe’s girl”. Until Zack makes the most shocking offer of all, to be the model for her show.  

And the first man in her bed. 

Child prodigy Lucas Marshall has written everything from security software to video games. There’s only one hacker alive who is better than he is. His online buddy C7pher. 

Now that he’s the heir to a billionaire, he wants his friend to help him build coding schools for underprivileged kids around the country. He isn’t prepared for his best friend, his only friend, to say NO. 

Or for him to drop out of his life completely.

Then he’s asked to consult on a hacking case for the FBI and the hauntingly beautiful suspect seems to know a lot about Luke. Things he’s only told one other person... 

When the only person you’ve ever trusted is a liar, everything is fair game.

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