Shaken - Tim Tebow & A. J. Gregory


By Tim Tebow & A. J. Gregory

  • Category Genre: Christianity
  • Release Date: 2016-10-25
  • Author: Tim Tebow & A. J. Gregory
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 122 Ratings)
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Shaken by Tim Tebow & A. J. Gregory read book description online

First, he was a beloved college football champion, Heisman trophy winner, media sensation, and best-selling author drafted in the first round of the 2010 Draft. Then he had a miracle playoff run with the Denver Broncos before being traded to the New York Jets. After one season he was cut by New York. Next he was signed by the New England Patriots then let go after training camp—a scenario that repeated itself the following summer with the Philadelphia Eagles. Tim Tebow has achieved big victories and plunged the depths of failure, all while never letting go of his faith, even in the face of doubt and disappointment. In Shaken he explains why neither the highs nor the lows of his life can define him—and he reveals how you, too, can find confidence in your identity and know who you are. In revealing passages, Tebow pulls back the curtain on his life, sharing the vulnerable moments of his career that have shaken him to his core—while also teaching the biblical principles that will enable you to keep the faith, no matter what comes your way.

Conclusion: We hope you will enjoy this book. We rated it with 5 stars from 5.

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More Reviews

  • Must read for teens

    By Jeremy in Tampa
    What a great book! If you have or know a teenager, get them to read this. It will give them a picture of identification in Christ rather than identifying with what people say about them. Actually , it’s a good read for all of us.
  • Encouraging Book

    By mysteriesone23
    I ABSOLUTELLLY LOvE this book!!!!!!!!!! It inspires me to be strong and stand up for my faith. Tim Tebow if you are reading this I just want to say I like how you wrote the book. It has spoken to my heart and you talk about situations I struggle with . Thanks for writing this fantastic book! I hope you write more books because your AWESOME at writing ! God bless you !
  • Amazing

    By Gettingfitmom
    Tim has a great way of communicating that draws you in. His stories and experiences speak to all people, at all stages of life, anywhere in the world.
  • Inspiration and Humility

    By Uber Guy2015
    No matter the fame and adulation, Tim’s love for the Lord has humbled him and made him a great inspiration for the young.
  • Blessed

    By TP Run 2012
    I was truly blessed by this book. Tim Tebow opened up and spoke as a humble servant of the most High God. Thank you Tim for sharing your story with the public. On the outside looking in some people believe that you are just an act and not real or authentic. I believe and know that you are who you say you are living your life for Christ. May God continue to bless you and your family. Whatever you put your hands to may God multiply and prosper it for Him Kingdoms sake Amen.
  • Must Read

    By Cidrobo
    Definitely a must read book that will help you build good principles and nurture you to be simply a better person.
  • Worth a read even if you arent religious

    By tripp1592
    Like i said, theres a lot more religion in here than i expected or wanted, but besides that, still some pretty good messages in here. Not written the best either, sometimes its actually hard to understand what Tim is trying to say in his sentences, but like i said, its worth at least reading for anyone going through a tough time
  • Inspiration At It's Best

    By slynchfla
    I very seldom read books but I just had to read this one. It's evident that Timmy is speaking from his heart with a passion for Jesus Christ. It's very easy to relate his SHAKEN moments to moments where I have been Shaken. But the good news is that Jesus Christ always has been and always will be there for us. The book inspires and clearly outlines that God has a purpose for each one of us.
  • Shaken

    By Melindaopgutah
    Bought this for my son after reading. Encouraged him to share his life experience and testimony. Awesome light
  • Amazing! I needed this!

    By AndyyoonDMD
    Thank you Tebow family, I have a more clear outlook on my new life path!

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