In Trump We Trust - Ann Coulter

In Trump We Trust

By Ann Coulter

  • Release Date: 2016-08-23
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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Donald Trump won the presidency by being a one-man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment. 

Now Ann Coulter, with her unique
 insight, candor, and sense of humor, makes the definitive case for why we should all join his revolution.
The media have twisted themselves in knots, trying to grasp how Donald Trump won over millions of Americans and what he'll be like as president.
But Ann Coulter isn't puzzled. She knows why Trump was the only one of seventeen GOP contenders who captured the spirit of our time. She gets the power of addressing the pain of the silent majority and saying things the "PC Thought Police" considers unspeakable.

She argues that a bull in the china shop is exactly what we need to make America great again.
In this powerful book, Coulter explains why conservatives, moderates, and even disgruntled Democrats should set aside their doubts and embrace Trump:

·He's putting America first in our trade deals and alliances, rather than pandering to our allies and enemies.

·He's abandoned the GOP's decades-long commitment to a bellicose foreign policy, at a time when the entire country is sick of unnecessary wars.

·He's ended GOP pandering to Hispanic activists with his hard-line policy on immigration. Working class Americans finally have a champion against open borders and cheap foreign labor.

·He's overturned the media's traditional role in setting the agenda and defining who gets to be considered "presidential."

·He's exposed political consultants as grifters and hacks, most of whom don't know real voters from a hole in the ground.

If you're already a Trump fan, Ann Coulter will help you defend and promote your position. If you're not, she might just change your mind.

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User reviews about this book

  • In Trump we Trust

    By AEN_
    Ann Coulter’s book is right on target. Very interesting, has all the facts. Anyone who voted for Trump will enjoy this book. It tells you what all the naysayers were saying about him.
  • Drives the Alt- Left Insane

    By zaamrod
    Ann Coulter once again just tells it the way it is. Like Trump, she verbalizes the reality the vast majority of Americans observe but are too afraid to comment on. Never before have the dishonest media encountered a president who fought back. Before Ann and Trump are done with this pathetic group, they are all going to be on antidepressants. Never have I had more hope in this country than I do right now.
  • Why did he win?

    By Boneman11
    I was as surprised as most when Trump won. But why did he win? This book, brilliant and unapologetically written answers the question. Coulter pulls no punches, especially towards the Republican establishment. This is a phenomenal read and not only explains "how did we get here", but more important, "where are we going?" Well done Ann!
  • Worthless

    By carocross
    What a waste of time. This is epitome of stupidity.
  • Ignorance

    By Dv3rsace96
    Ann is an ignorant... don't waste your money on this crap. I'm gonna use it to light up my fire this December
  • I'm moving to Canada

    By Laural.G
    In Trump we trust? More like in Trump we bust....Donald J. Trump is well known as a dysfunctional member to society as well as a full blown heathen...He has had many fallouts with GOP officials in the past which is why I believe the system is rigged.... If he wins the presidential election which is very accurate it's scary he may destroy America and its very prestigious title...I am thirteen and I am one out of many youths in america and my future is at stake for certain reasons, one out of many is that trumps idiotic allegation is that he proposed the idea of "what do we have to lose?" Well I don't know Mr Trump, My dignity, My country ,even my life.... I really hope you stop and think about the future America...
  • Seriously?

    By Chase-r
    Ann Coulter? And people buy this crap? Buying her book and supporting Trump is feeding the stupidity m of the right. Congratulations, you are part of the problem.
  • U'll 😍this 📔only if u have an open mind😀

    By J. Buyco
    It takes guts to write this book! Thank you for demystifying people like me who support Trump. For those who don't get it, they just need to shut up and stop being judgmental.
  • Wow

    By Sssuuuzzzy
    Stayed up all night reading! Love it!
  • Will me awesome 😊

    By On instagram @zackyfwesh
    It will be a great book, with Liberals getting triggered, because they... CAN'T STOP THE TRUMP TRAIN!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God Bless The U.S.A!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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