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  • Just a bad read

    By Billnt
    I understand rock stars have to be narsasistic, but this was over the top. This is one of those books that you get into and just don’t like, but you feel you need to finish. His writing is horrible, he feels he has to use 22 big words to describe something to tell the world even though I barley got through high school, but I am smart. His cheap shots at deceased band member was the worst. Move on, there are much better reads out there.
  • True story of determination and amazing music

    By Gonzo105
    I must say that I never new the whole story of what made Bruce Springsteen, and I'm glad he told it. And told it he did! What an incredible writer and story teller. You may know every song word for word as well as note for note but this brings everything to life. To listen to one of the most humble people tell a tale of beginning in a world so many unfortunately know and to fight to become one of the greatest musicians the world believes in is simply inspiring. Mr.Springsteen (I say Mr. Springsteen because he deserves it) had me from the first page to the last. If you want to feel good and incredibly inspired while learning about an incredible life, buy this book and you will not want to put it down until the last page is read and your heart filled. And no this review was not written by the publisher or a super fan. Just a normal man who happened upon the life story of a sound that I grew up with and love.
  • Born to Run

    By Cathlikgirl
    I was really looking forward to reading this and it did not disappoint! The Boss portrays himself as an imperfect human (aren't we all!). His struggles with and through depression definitely helped this Georgia girl. He has been and remains one of my musical and social heroes.
  • Unreadable

    By MTM529
    I just could not get into it. It never got me interested. After 50 pages I quit
  • Born to Run

    By BldBeach
    Beautifully written, every fan should read! Excellent and hard to put down, wonderful memories revived, feel like I know the story behind the music! Intimate, revealing, inspirational!
  • Great storyteller

    By Carnie10
    He can do it all.
  • Ever the Boss...

    By Mou101
    I've been a Bruce Springsteen fan for a long, long time, and I've read at least a couple of biographies—as well as I don't know how many articles and interviews over the years. Still, reading the Boss' account of his life and experiences is a revelation. His voice is clear throughout the book, and his perspective on his albums and tours is invaluably informative.
  • Stick to the three chords you know - Bruce

    By bluesman 007
    Because you cannot write! Slogging through this mishmash of self congratulatory clap-trap was akin to staying till the end of a Molly Cyrus concert!
  • Born to Run

    By Greekygirl5
    As a true Jersey girl, I have the honor of calling Bruce one of our own. If Sinatra was " the King of New Jersey" Bruce is and will always be the "prince". Loved this book and his truthful insights and memories of New Jersey and his musical genius will be ingrained in musical legend forever.
  • Inside an artist's head

    By jromanoaustin
    After reading this book, I am going to put on my best headphones and listen to every Bruce album cover-to-cover and will find new personal meaning to the songs he has written. It took a lot of guts for him to write this soul-bearing book but just like the 5 concerts I have seen him at over the years, he gives you every ounce of himself. Sending my peaceful vibes to Bruce and his family on their remaining journeys.

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