Bad Bloods: November Rain - Shannon A. Thompson

Bad Bloods: November Rain

By Shannon A. Thompson

  • Release Date: 2016-07-18
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
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4 Score: 4 (From 14 Ratings)

Bad Bloods: November Rain Shannon A. Thompson Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

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User reviews about this book

  • A very promising first book in the series!

    By On My Kindle
    I bought a print copy of this book from the author at a convention, and decided to leave a review. I loved this book! It's an unlikely combination of gritty and clean that is executed beautifully. The action starts at the beginning of the book, and the plot moves forward quickly as readers discover what's going on from Serena's and Daniel's points of view. I liked how Thompson managed to establish what was going on without detracting from the plot's quick pace. The dystopian world is immersive and complex with political intrigue outside of, and within, the bad bloods' ranks. The characters are interesting; many are children who possess wisdom beyond their years because many of them were thrown out of their homes, and lived on the streets before they were taken in by factions called "flocks." I think that the characters are fairly well-developed, and I get the feeling that Thompson will reveal more about Serena and Daniel as the series progresses. What is not revealed is the origin of the bad bloods; are the abilities a natural evolutionary step, like the X-Men, or is the mutation caused by an event in the past that exposed people to a mutagen? I was a bit disappointed that this wasn't revealed; however, even the characters seem to be unsure of how bad bloods came to be, but Thompson does hint that more of the bad bloods' origin story will be revealed as the series develops. November Rain is a promising first book of the Bad Bloods series; it provides readers with enough information to get hooked while offering hints at what's to come. A fantastic dystopian, young adult novel for fans of the genre!
  • A Thrilling Dystopian

    By omgbooksandmorebooks
    I have loved Shannon A. Thompson's writing ever since The Timely Death Triology, which I highly recommend. The moment I heard Shannon A. Thompson was writing another series, it became one of the top five books in my tbr list. November Rain is set in city called Vendona, a city divided by humans and Bad Bloods. The Bad Bloods possess different abilities. Many view Bad Bloods as dangerous, but many want them gone. Serena escaped from death and was saved by another bad blood, Daniel. The elections determine the fate of the Bad Bloods and Serena and Daniel must work together in order to save them all. The plot is character driven. Each character is different and unique, all having a desire to be accepted for who they are. I loved how Shannon A. Thompson gave life and perspective to each character. I throughly enjoy the dual perspective. It gives a fresh insight of the city Serena, Daniel, and the rest of the Bad Bloods live in. This book really defines the meaning of friends, family, and loyalty. After an ending like that, I need November Snow now. I have said this many times before in my previous reviews, I hate doulogies because they are usually the best type of series written, captivating, strong and thrilling. Bad Bloods definitely falls into this category. I recommend November Rain to anyone who loves dystopian and learning the real meaning of trust in a world where trust is just an imagination.

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