Devil and the Deep - Julie Ann Walker

Devil and the Deep

By Julie Ann Walker

  • Release Date: 2016-07-05
  • Genre: Suspense
Book Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Book Review and summary Devil and the Deep Julie Ann Walker

He knew he had to forget her
But when the woman who stole his heart is kidnapped
This former SEAL will do whatever it takes to steal her back

Maddy Powers's life revolves around cocktail parties, political fundraisers, and charity events—but she can't forget the daring former SEAL who came crashing into her life a few months ago…or the scorching kiss they shared before he disappeared into the deep blue sea. 

Bran Pallidino carries a dark secret—one that forced him to push Maddy away. But when she's taken hostage during a trip to the Caribbean, the men of Deep Six Salvage embark on a dangerous mission to save Maddy. Passion boils in the sultry sea breeze…but what good is putting their hearts on the line if they don't survive the dawn? 

The Deep Six Series:
Hot as Hell (FREE novella)
Hell or High Water (Book 1)
Devil and the Deep (Book 2)
Eye of the Storm (Book 3)

Named a most anticipated romance of 2016 by BookPage.

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  • Devil and the Deep

    By 42791Callie102790
    This is an excellent book & by far the best in the series to date. I love the Seal characters and they are truly brought to life by excellent writing!!

    By Kassassin24
    First off, WOW.! Just explosive action!...Loved this book!... I am not surprised at all when it comes to Julie Ann Walker's books. I have read all of the Black Knights Inc., books and am still awaiting on more books to come from that series! In book #2 from the Deep Six Series, we have Bran and Maddy's story who met under extreme circumstances in book #1... Following their story, Bran is hesitant in making any type of commitment to Maddy as his torturous past is preventing him from moving forward. Maddy, on the other hand, feels that she is getting mixed signals from Bran and though that maybe they had developed past the friendship stage to the highly possible relationship stage. We have the consummate bad guys again trying to kidnap Maddy, and Bran and his team coming to the rescue. Maddy decides to invite Bran to come and visit her at a nearby island when she takes a couple of scholarship recipients on a camping and snorkeling trip. Once she and her students reach the island, everything goes wrong. Bran & Mason along with our new resident historian Alex are on their way and from the moment they touch the island, there lives are in constant danger. It is up to the members of Deep Six to save the day. Bran and Maddy do eventually get the HEA, but not until all the danger has passed. I especially loved this book because we get a glimpse of Mason and what may have happened to make him the way he is. We get an in-depth look at how Alex feels about Mason as well. This story was filled with action, love, hot sex, and let's not forget hilarious moments, spread throughout the story for the right kind of levity. I enjoyed every moment. A heartfelt thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca and Ms. walker for the chance to preview it early.
  • Excellent action thriller with romantic elements.

    By Unbound Passion
    ⭐ ⭐ Provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review ⭐ ⭐ Judging a Book by it's Cover: Standard fare for a RomSus novel. Bold color choices, Muscled hottie in a tight tank top holding a gun. Synopsis is weak. It does not do the magnitude of the book justice. Looking Deeper: Third-person POV. We first meet Maddy in HELL OR HIGH WATER when she and her yacht crew are hijacked and the Deep Six guys stumble across her boat while also out hunting for objects well below the Gulf's surface. When it's "mission accomplished", Bran and Maddy part ways after a smoldering kiss and go back to their everyday lives until emails and sat phone calls don't seem to be enough anymore. Maddy devises a way to travel to a nearby location and invites him over on a whim. Bran's too hung up on his personal demons to accept the invite, until goaded by Mason and Alex. Together, the three of them set sail for the destination only to discover that things have - once again - taken a turn toward sh*t central for Maddy... and Bran's determined to save the day. If you are looking for a well-balanced Romance with Suspense, this is not the book for you. This book is 80% or more Action and Suspense mixed with Alex pestering the crap out of Mason (mainly) with her constant chattering. There is a very slow-boil and plenty sexual tension throughout. Many laugh-out-loud moments were found. The chemistry between characters was enjoyable, as was their dialogue and overall interactions. The plot was detail oriented without being smothering, it flowed extremely well and kept the pages turning. While there were some internal conflicts that were resolved by the end, there were a few outside issues left open - most likely to continue on in the next installment of the series... makes you wonder if it may be Mason and Alex or another couple mentioned at the very end [no names = no spoiler]. I would have to say that the predictability was rather low, there was really not a lot of guessing to be had, but neither were there any fun surprises or plot twists. The conclusion was wrapped up pretty good and led into a few possible future books. I love that, once again, we get a glance into the Santa Cristina's 1600's story at the beginning and end of the modern day novel. I look forward to the next book in the series and recommend - for maximum benefit - that this series be read in order STARTING with the prequel novella, HOT AS HELL, followed by the above mentioned HELL OR HIGH WATER. It's an amazing, action-packed adventure ride that you'll NOT want to get off of. *Note: This story does contain some scenes of graphic violence. Readers sensitive to casualties from firearms and/or blades need to consider if this is the right fit for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rating: [R] ~ Score: 4.4 ~ Stars: 4.5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Search for sunken treasure and action!

    By KPMe1
    As this series has progressed it has gotten better. I like this installment much more than the previous. The characters are getting to be much more likable and well rounded. It does get a little confusing when it goes back to the times of the shipwreck but I can see that including this does enhance the story more than it detracts. I like the build up of the search for a treasure and all of the obstacles that are encountered along the way that actually have nothing to do with the search for the treasure, it's almost like getting two stories in one.
  • Overall 3.5 stars

    By Tome Tender
    Heiress, Maddy, takes three young girls to an small island in the Caribbean where they quickly become targets in a much grander scheme for power. Bran rescued Maddy on her father’s yacht, hit her with a scorching kiss and left her in the friend zone, only exchanging witty emails. When he hears Maddy is coming close to his dive recovering site, he heads off to see her, where he quickly becomes involved with a rescue mission once again. But this time it is Maddy, her three charges and a park ranger that have gotten caught in the cross fire. Betrayal runs deep in this mystery, romance, thriller. Maddy and Bran must uncover the plot before desperation leads to death. Good story, a little slow going followed by intensity that didn’t really fit. Overall 3.5 stars. I received this ARC copy of Devil and the Deep from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for a honest review.
  • Excellent

    By Ddgoldbergs
    An excellent read! Bran and Maddy's long distance emails have grown into a true friendship. Yet, will the opportunity to see each other be welcomed? Or is something dangerous and sinister lurking in waters? This is my first time reading Julie Ann Walker's work and I must say that I need to read all her other books. Her witty comebacks and keeping-it-real conversations had me glued to her characters. The suspense and the perfect combination of angst made for a great backdrop for the steamy romance.

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