The Survivalist (Frontier Justice) - Arthur T. Bradley

The Survivalist (Frontier Justice)

By Arthur T. Bradley

  • Release Date: 2015-05-24
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The Survivalist (Frontier Justice) book review score

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 188 Ratings)

The Survivalist (Frontier Justice) Arthur T. Bradley Book Review Score: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

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Frontier Justice is the first book in the post-apocalypse Survivalist series by Dr. Arthur Bradley and features 15 full-page illustrations. (Series Order: Frontier Justice, Anarchy Rising, Judgment Day, Madness Rules, Battle Lines, Finest Hour, Last Stand, Dark Days, Freedom Lost, and National Treasure).

Description: The Superpox-99 virus has wiped out nearly the entire human race. Governments have collapsed. Cities have become graveyards filled with unspeakable horror. People have resorted to scavenging from the dead, or taking from the living. The entire industrialized world has become a wasteland of abandoned cars, decaying bodies, and feral animals.

To stay alive, U.S. Deputy Marshal Mason Raines must forage for food, water, and gasoline while outgunning those seeking to take advantage of the apocalyptic anarchy. Together with his giant Irish wolfhound, Bowie, he aligns with survivors of the town of Boone in a life and death struggle against a gang of violent criminals. With each deadly encounter, Mason is forced to accept his place as one of the nation's few remaining lawmen.

Halfway across the country, a killer is released from prison. With hopes set on a fresh start, he rescues a young girl desperate to get home. As they travel across the wasteland that once was the United States, they must call upon every bit of strength and courage to survive not only the horrors of the new world but also a violent government agenda.

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User reviews about this book

  • Captivating

    By Kelleyslat85
    I couldn’t put it down. It was a truly captivating read.
  • A fine read

    By SpiffyPig
    My thanks to you Mr Bradley. I enjoyed feasting on your book and completed it in one scrumptious read fest. I will, not surprisingly, be on the lookout more from you. Len
  • The survivalist - frontier justice

    By Stinky pete567
    It may be this first in a series needs to spend some time developing the characters but it seem to be at the price of a plot that dragged on. Too many characters introduced which is contrary to what one would expect from the end-of-the-world scenario. Lots of discussion on guns but not many survivlist techniques like cutting a plastic sandwich bag to use as a funnel. Okay story but not what i thought it would be.
  • Great!

    By mamaswenson
    The Survivalist: Frontier Justice was awesome. The raw action is fast paced and the motivations are believable. In this apocalyptic scenario, justice is swift!
  • Wi. Reader

    By kkluck
    Really enjoyed this author, after reading 1 went on to 2 and so on now waiting for 10 to come out! I am currently not working so for me to put money down for these books took food out of my mouth, but it was worth it! Once I am employed again I plan on purchasing his prepped books also. Thanks for helping me pass my time as I wait for a job opportunity Dr. Bradley.
  • Couldn't put it Down!!!

    By Shooter0730
    What an excellent book!! It keeps you interested from the very start and just keeps getting better. If your looking for a great read that makes you think about what could happen to this world, pick it up. You won't be disappointed.
  • Missing pages!?

    By Sickens jack
    I am thoroughly enjoying the book, but there are certain pages missing. Anyone know what that's about?
  • Terrible

    By Dred6364;,64:
    Don't even bother downloading it's a waste of time. I guess you can't expect much from a free book
  • Only One Thing Missing

    By Stan Bluie
    Well-wrought story. My only thought was during the initial time of the identification of the deputies. What, no Vietnam or "Storm" veterans? No retired Army, Marine, or SeaBees willing to defend hearth and home? Even in a population of 1,200 average citizens some certainly experienced military life.
  • Awful Garbage

    By NAO! DO IT NAO!
    This is idiotic prepper fanfiction. The writer is mediocre, sophomoric in his approach to and understanding of dialog, characters are shallow and unbelievable caricatures of archetypes. Side plots are purely filler. I rarely stop reading a book before finishing it, but this is worth quitting early.

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